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  1. Hi all. Just in case anyone has updated this module to the most recent version and you are on PS 1.6.06 there is a compatibility issue. Make sure that the css files and the js files inside your theme folder are located in: your_theme>css>mailalerts>css>mailalerts.css your_ theme>js>mailalerts>js>mailalerts.js. OLD LOCATION IS: your_theme>css>mailalerts>mailalerts.css your_ theme>js>mailalerts>mailalerts.js. I think the new prestashop 1.6.13 has changed the way addcss and addjs function works so it can automatically detect where the module's theme css files is located but the older versions require exact path. To prestashop team: If you release module updates make sure they are backwards compatible or make a note to say: NOT COMPATIBLE - OR --- NOT YET CHECKED FOR COMPATIBILITY ISSUES. This would have saved me a whole day of looking to find this bug. Cheers,
  2. Hi Devs. Running PS 1.606 + wishlist module 1.1.1 with updated to latest theme files from github for the wishlist module I still have following problems: 1. Cannot delete wishlists. Selecting delete will won't do anything. 2. Cannot move products between wishlists. Selecting the list to move TO will does nothing. 3. CSS is messed up so the list of available wishlists is wrongly placed both in product page and on my_account wishlist page. 4. In the list of wishlists it shows a column for default but no default list can be selected. Not sure why you guys release this crap without checking. The online demo shop runs an older version of the module where most functions works ok but there is no move product function or default list selector. Please resolve or don't release the update if it cause more problems. I know you are trying to force user to buy coding services to fix all these fukc up but you destroying this platform and its users.
  3. Please let me know when you release a PS 1.6 version THanks!
  4. Hi, My subcategory links in the menu do not follow the rule: main_category/subcategory. They only show as: domain/subcategory. This result to a page that shows the link has moved click here to go to the new link. The CMS links do not work on my PS 1.606. THanks!
  5. Nice module but I get many errors on PS1.606 1. Top horizontal menu does not adjust the links of subcategories. 2. CMS links cause white/green screen of error. 3. Uninstalling is a pain. Must be very careful not to delete or override an existing override. Looking forward a fully functional module. CHeers, /Alex
  6. Hi Devs, I need a popup module for the product page, not modal type! Dev time 1week. Budget 100 USD PM me if you are a PS 1.6 dev and know what you are doing!!
  7. Prestashop team you've done it again. Every update is a new set of bugs instead of features. 2 module update in the past 2 weeks. Both with bugs. The layered module and also wishlist module (does not delete wishlists). Shit!!
  8. Hi, Did you find a solution for this issue? I am interested as well since I got a similar error today. Thanks!
  9. I need help with a SQL query to fetch total wholesale price (total stock value) taking in account quantities (and variant quantities) where items is active and quanity >0. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Another solution would be to add another column in the product list next to base price and final price (why PS team not already done this is a wonder, i guess waiting to be a paid addon) Cheers, Alex
  10. Why kind of clowns are pretending to be Prestashop module programmers. There are bugs in almost every module update causing more problem than what are fixed. I am sure that soon there will be malware added since there is no one in the PS group that validates what is being release. SHAME ON YOU PRESTASHOP TEAM for releasing CRAP!!!
  11. Same issue using the lastest ganalytics 2.04. Please suggest solution! Thanks
  12. HI, I check the analytics today and the module does not track anything. Very strange bug. I tried all methods but I get "No http respons detected". Anyone with solution? THanks
  13. HI I notice that the friendly URL create 302 redirects and also remove the Google analytics gclid parameters. Can anyone suggest how to resolve this problem through file mods or htaccess rerewrite rules? Please help. This is urgent! Thanks!
  14. I need to resolve this issue also. Anyone that has a solution please share!
  15. Hi, The tag assistant shows that is working but the the real time tracking does not work (and no visits are recorded by google analytics.) SOLVED. by reinstalling the module and clearing cache!
  16. I am interest in the solution also. I have this problem on my cached JS file as well.
  17. BUMP. Is there any professional PHP programer in this forum???? There are more threads and bugs than sales made in any prestashop. I'm getting pissed off with bugs. IT's been like this for years. So called developers of module >>> Get a grip!! Stop releasing junk. >>>> a version update should only be done to fix minor bugs or add new features. They use the community to track their bugs cause they are too lazy to do it themselves.
  18. Just purchased this module and the zip is password protected. THe password sent did not opened the file. Fraud warning!
  19. Looks good. Please resolve the CVS issue and add total tax cost
  20. HI, Can anyone here please explain how partial refund works: There are 2 Situations: 1. Customer has purchased an item but before it is shipped the store agree to refund shipping and $5 back. 2. Customer has purchase and item and is delivered but decide to ask for partial refund and keep the item that has a minor defect. Problem: When entering the refund value for the shipping and the item and save this information is not saved anywhere. It is not recorded on the order page and not recorded on the customer order history pages. How is this possible.?? How can Prestashop be an award winning software without managing something so simple?? Please someone explain in case I missed how this works.
  21. Need an expert in htaccess and Prestashop settings to resolve a problem I have with all product having a 302 redirect loop. I don't know why and what is causing it. Google merchant has banned all our products for this reason (server redirects to often). This problem appeared after I installed SSL on the site. This is the situation: - I have installed SSL certificate a few weeks ago and in the settings I have selected "Force SSL on all pages" - In the shop SEO & URL settings i have no www in the SHOP DOMAIN and SSL DOMAIN (both the same,without www). - I use a module called express cache to speed the site up. I tried already to change the domain settings to www and without but still problem. I tried Disable force SSL but still problem I tried disable the expresscache modue bu still problem. I tried disable friendly-urls. I tried regenerating the htacess file. I think is something to do with the SSL but I don't want to disable it. One strange issue is that if i visit a page and then check the respons it gives normal 200 OK. I use this tool to check the header respons: http://redirectcheck.com/index.php Do you think you can help? PM me please to discuss
  22. Please explain how to map the categories for google merchant. <g:google_product_category>WHAT HERE???</g:google_product_category> /Alex
  23. Hi, Can you please add an image thumbnail next to each product. Also a way to select in the list only products that already have specific price. Another thing to add is a button to delete all specific prices that are outdated. Can you add this 2 things and I will buy you module ASAP. Thanks /Alex
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