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  1. Hey Dave, I tried that.. there must be some changes between versions because there's file size changes between the versions, but when i put the 1.1 php files in it just bugged out the checkout and caused it to open to a blank page then when i tried to reload it, it just looped... Any other ideas? Cheers mate! Byt
  2. Can anybody help? All i seem to get is: There is no carrier available that will deliver to this address! I've installed the mod, but I didnt change the cart/order php files like it says ont he first page because the versions are different (1.1) and Im running prestashop 1.2.4 Anyone?
  3. Hey Radu, I appreciate your answer to the 1st question... that saved so much time...(hours and hours!!) I just wanted to know if there was any way to disable the stock control side of the shop so it never depletes... At the moment Ive got stock set to 9999 and have told the shop not to decrement the quantities when stuff is sold... the way I have it setup I can live with it if there's no obvious solution.. The third question is the biggest prob for me right now, as when people go to the menu it comes up with the product (as seen in the pic) with an add to cart on it... but the problem is the product is pretty useless (and potentially quite dangerous) without the attribute products lol... so rather than having the options 'add to cart' and 'view' I just wanted to have the view option so people can see they have to go INTO it to add the right attributes... I hope that makes sense! cheers! byt
  4. Ahh thats fantastic, I didnt realise I had to use the product generator to make all the combinations after I'd made the attributes!!! Thanks Radu!
  5. Hi People! Some quick questions I hope someone might be able to help with? 1) As soon as I add a second attribute to a product the add to cart bar vanishes see pic http://img169.imageshack.us/i/cartgone.jpg/ what do I need to do to make the product available in this configuration? 2) How can I completely disable the quantities? 3) On this screen see pic here http://img28.imageshack.us/i/helpsv.jpg/ what file do I edit to get rid of the “add to cart"? Hope I can get some help!! Edit: when you look at the pictures please note you might have to add a / to the end of them as the forum seems to not pick them up as part of the URL.. Thanks! byt
  6. Anybody? this can't be unique? To give an idea heres a picture of what Im looking for http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/6274/examplecx.jpg Really hope someone can help Cheers!
  7. wow, super easy to install and just all round GOOD. THANK YOU!!!!
  8. Hi, I would like to setup the catergories bar with sub headings: For example Catergory <- not clickable but with a backdrop like the presta demoshop 'all new products' button product <- clickable product < - clickable Catergory <-- not clickable but with backdrop like the presta demoshop 'all new products' button product product product Catergory Im sure you get the idea, how can I do this? what files do I need to edit? Thanks guys, hope someone will be kind enough to help!
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