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  1. Wow, great news! Do you know when could be available for download ?(official version) Thanks !!!
  2. Why the people dont try to fix the problem and help with this huuuge problem instead of asking questions that were already answered? This is a real problem, this is not an easy issue that could solve whit "clear the cache , reinstalling, or turn some crazy option inside chrome or firefox", this is a real problem with the theme, could someone help? We need some expert here, I can upload some video to youtube to show the problem if you want. This is happening even with the prestashop online Demo!!! and I've tried whit 3 different laptops!
  3. I think this is a serious problem, why anyone is answering?
  4. The solution didn't worked for me... I can't find In FF type: about:config Then filter dom.w3c_touch_events Set to 0 and restart browser and see if it works but I'm agree... I think that if this is the solution , this must be fixed assap.
  5. Hello, I've installed the module on a clean 1.6.05 prestashop and works perfect, but.. Prestashop ask me to update some module before yesterday and after the update, the main image is not loading in the home page. If I access to product page, the image is loading perfect.. The problem is only on the home. I've tried to reinstal, delete etc, but still not working. Could someone help me? Thanks! Jose V. --------------- Hola, He instalado el módulo en la version 1.6.05 y ha funcionado perfecto. Hace dos dias la plataforma me pidio actalizar algunos módulos y desde ese momento dejo de funcionar el slider en la página home. Se queda cargando las imagenes y nunca carga. En las otra páginas, como en la de producto, no hay ningun problema y todo funciona bien. El problema es solo en el home del sitio. Ya he intentado desinstalar y reinstalar y nada funciona. Tambien probe volver a cargar los slides. Me podrían ayudar? Gracias! Jose V.
  6. still the same.... I 've tried almost everything and the problem remains. I've also cleared the cache and cookies.
  7. Hello, Thanks for your answer Vekia. Im looking the problem even in the prestashop official demo. http://demo-store.prestashop.com/en/ So I know for sure this is not a problem with my installation or my configuration. I've checked in another PC with Chrome as well and the same happened. Could you help me? I could upload some video or something to show you the problem. Thanks, Jose V.
  8. Hello, I have found some problems with ajax functions in the new theme using the latest version of Chrome. The cart isn't opening, the quickview is not working, and the "add to cart" below the products either. I have tested it on firefox and ie11 and works fine. Someone could help with this problem? Regards, Jose V.
  9. Great, That's what I was planning to do.. I was trying to find another options but I think it is not possible with only CSS. Thanks for your help!!
  10. Hello, Im looking the best way to center the logo in the new responsive theme. Could you help me?.. The idea is to center the logo between the search bar and the cart, with only CSS if possible to avoid damaging the mobile styles. Thanks!! Jose V.
  11. I know they are in the options.. What I want is to create new effects but I cant find the file to modify it. thanks
  12. I know they are in the options.. What I want is to create new effects but I cant find the file to modify it. thanks
  13. hello, Thanks for this awesome module! Im wondering if it is possible to change or add some transition effects.. If so, where can I do it?
  14. Do you know how to create invoices only for a specific customer group? or avoid to create invoices for a specific customer group?
  15. Thanks, but I guess chakana was made based on fundation 3, I need some one based on fundation 4.
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