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  1. This does not work as some address fields are required and they cannot be disabled.
  2. We only ship to parcel machines and post offices that can be selected from dropdown menu. In most cases we do not need Customer adress, only when a company wants an invoice with their address. How to avoid requesting address from a customer? One option I can think of is having address fields populated with something by default and address fields are only shown when customer wants to add invoice address. But how to generate it? Has anyone got some good solution?
  3. Thank you for your comment. I already purchaced a module : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/analytics-statistics/18623-premium-google-analytics-enhanced-ecommerce.html
  4. I am upgrading my website and my old Analytics module does not work with new version. I have to purchace new licence. Since the fancy module I used did not tranck sales correctly (about 50% lost) I am puzzled. Do I need a complex module or can I use something free or even plain javascript? What I need: -Track ecommerce sales -Track where my customers come from -Track Google Ads conversions What is the bare minimum I need? Prestashop 1.7.7. Helen
  5. Hi! I am interested in using Mailchimp retargeting and advertising features. I installed official Mailchimp module, but as a result some of the customers ended up with blank payment page? Has it happened to you? Is Mailchimp module working well for you? Have you used some paid module instead that you are happier with? Please share your experience!
  6. I have also checked store manager and do not think it helps, just another extra program.
  7. I do not know which country you are in. I am using erply.com, but there was no ready made connector for Prestashop, had to write our own. It is a very complex program so maybe not a best option. There is a free connector available in github, but it does not work! If you already use any accounting software check if there is connectors or API available. Unfortunately, Prestashpo is not popular in Estonia so we really did not have many options, we chose Erply, because one of our partners uses it and we were able to transfer our data to to other database as well. I also found Dolibarr and odoo which had connectors available and https://backstore.eu/, cant remember if they had ready made connector or not.
  8. I also used old style accounting software with no API before. But when I started to investigate I found out that newer cloud-based accounting programs that are available are more user friendly and actually cheaper.
  9. PrestaShop ERP demo is available. I tested this and decided to invest into (local) external accounting software with api connection instead.
  10. Hi! I am wondering if anyone who has used advanced stock management in 1.6. has moved to 1.7 and is using PrestaShop ERP - Advanced Stock Module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/32549-prestashop-erp-advanced-stock.html. If yes, how is it working out? I am using 1.6. and with advanced stock management and random errors in product quantities seem to increase over time and have become quite annoying, so I have to look for another solution. I would prefer to do all inventory in Prestashop instead of connecting with some other software. Appreciate your insight!! Helen
  11. thank you, developer is selected.
  12. Hi! I would like to have an easy predefined entry form and nicer looking layout for cosmetic recipes on my site. I like the feel of this layout and how elemets are arranged (http://preview.themeforest.net/item/socialchef-social-recipe-html-template/full_screen_preview/8568727?_ga=2.161946620.1158025655.1526394452-1087190538.1523423792) Requirements -update recipe category page layout as per sample using my current website CSS style -update recipe page layout as per sample using my current website CSS style -create recipe entry form using features functionality of prestashop to enter some basic information (see attached file) - multi-language - needs to work with module cookbook (uses PS hooks) -mobile friendly My current bland-looking recipe pages are here: https://hobipunkt.ee/et/content/category/2-juhendid Currently, I use CMS pages for entering recipe information. Products in the footer come from cookbook module and recipes link to product pages. I have copy-pasted together the idea how I would like it to look, you can see it in the attachement Purchased template is a fully working website using javascript, HTML and CSS, but it is not multi-language. As you can see from the attached idea, I only need to use some of its functionality. I am using PS If you have additional ideas or comments how to implement it, let me know! Helen recipes.pdf
  13. I was looking for inventory software to integrate with Prestashop and stumbled upon backstore.eu. Has anyone used it or tireid to integrate it with prestashop? Helen
  14. I use PS 1.6.14 and ASM Currently, I have about 8500 orders and I would like to delete/archive data from 2015 and 2016. Is it possibile? What happens to product quantities? What about guest accounts? Thank you for your help! Helen
  15. Hi! Recently, I have continuously gotten HTTP 500 errors while visiting my storefront. After refresh the page is loaded correctly. This is what error log says: Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/classes/Dispatcher.php on line 594 (fastcgi.c:921) Warning: Illegal offset type in //xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/classes/Dispatcher.php/classes/Dispatcher.php on line 639 (fastcgi.c:921) /Line 594: if (!isset($this->routes[$id_shop]) || !isset($this->routes[$id_shop][$id_lang]) || !isset($this->routes[$id_shop][$id_lang][$route_id])) return false; Line 639: $query = http_build_query($params, '', '&'); / I do not know where to look for problems? Some module? Thankful for any help! I am using version Helen
  16. I think I have found my problem. Disabling Magic redirect module decreased loading time quite a bit (10 s!). I have contacted the developer to figure out how to make it faster. Removing some modules not in use increased speed some more. thank you for the tip, Scully!
  17. Thank you! Here is the information. 1. SERVER INFORMATION Server information Linux #1 SMP Mon Aug 14 08:17:49 EEST 2017 x86_64 Server software version Apache / ZoneOS PHP version 5.5.38 Memory limit 512M Max execution time 30 DATABASE INFORMATION MySQL version 10.1.26-MariaDB MySQL engine InnoDB PrestaShop version Current theme in use leo_book 2. Installed modules 88, disabled 30 3. SMARTY Recompile templates if the files have been updated Cache YES Clear cache everytime something has been modified Smart cache for CSS YES Smart cache for JavaScript NO Minify HTML NO Compress inline JavaScript in HTML NO Move JavaScript to the end NO Apache optimization NO
  18. Please help me! My website is very slow. Is it some kind of module that makes it slow? My main problem is that front page takes 15 seconds to load! And I have too little knowledge to know what causes this. Can you help me to figure out what the problem is so that I can find a way to fix it. Website is https://hobipunkt.ee
  19. So, I want to remove a language from my store. As I have understood, the best way would be to use 410 redirect. I have not seen any module using 410 redirect option. If you know any, please link. What exactly are the steps to do it? 1. Delete language 2. Create 410 page, Can it be a Prestashop CMS page or do I have to make something technically different? 3. Write redirect in .htaccess file? For the background info, I want to remove English language, because I mainly cater to local customers and in neighboring countries. English speaking customers find better deals locally, I get very little traffic and few sales a year from English speaking site. Alternatively, is it possible to redirect all pages in one language with any 301 redirect modules? Or is there a way to use 301 redirect with single line in htaccess file? Thank you for your help.
  20. Regarding Barcodes and EAN: When I was using my previous accounting software, we generated our own 5 digit barcodes (based on product ID in our system). They could only be used internally, but they helped a lot. It is easier to track and enter products via supply orders. It generates documents with list of products received (my accountant keeps those for documentation). If you use only Stock management you have to check them in stock movements where it will be mixed with all the other movements (sales) and much harder to track. Supply orders are correct if you dont use backorders there. When confirming supply order you have to go through all the five order status steps. If you change your order straight to status "order received completely" then it will not be correct. Main reason I do not use combination is the wholesale price. I actually have not checked how it works in the current version, but previously there was only one wholesale price field per product. Our combinations were mainly different weight products, like 200 g, 500g, 1 kg. As you can imagine the wholesale price is quite different.
  21. What data is transfered from Prestashop to accounting software? If you already have a connection, then it would make sense that you will enter data into Prestashop and it gets transfered into accounting system. Product packs will not work with ASM as default (stock movements are not correct). I have seen a product pack module that fixes this, but cant remember the name. This works with ASM: https://www.prestashopmanager.com/useful-articles/additional-features/advanced-stock-management/set-up-advanced-stock-management-and-track-inventory-with-it/, but I have not tried it. There is a 30 days free trial. But it is also based on personal licences, so if you need many, may not be feasible for you. What would you like to do with ASM? We use FIFO method for stock value Supply orders- partial orders cannot be entered. There is a bug and it does not work. If your order comes in two parts, you have to make two separate entries. If you need to divide shipping cost and add it to product price then this is a separate development. We have done it. All stock movements (sold, removed from stock etx) and their cost is visible in Stock-Stock movement You can use different labels and remove or add manually stock at Stock-Stock Management for example expired, damaged, wrong item sent etc. This will all be visible in stock movements and reflected your stock value.
  22. Thank you for notifying me about this subject. I have been selling online since 2005, and used Prestashop since 2009(?). Versions 1.3 and 1.4 did not have advanced stock management. During that period, I was actively searching for ways to integrate Prestashop with some accounting software. Most promising was Erply, but that time they were unable to create reliable data sync. Maybe now they have improved, but when I looked into it again in 2015, I found their monthly fee too high for me. During 2013- 2015 when I also had a brick and mortar store, I used Estonian accounting and inventory software with POS that had some kind of webstore add-on. My accountant loved it, but website was invisible to Google and other search engines and killed our web rankings. Now I have been using Prestashop again for 1,5 years. This webstore is my full-time job. Last month I had on average 20 orders per day. There are some special order items, but 99% I have in stock for immediate delivery. Correct number of available products is crucial. I use Advanced stock management and it is the only inventory software I use. I have learned to use ASM and work around its problems. All the necessary information is there, but you need some help to get it out of the system. Prestashop partner agency veebipoed.ee (https://addons.prestashop.com/en/61_veebipoed) has helped me to generate reports for taxes, orders, and stock movements that my accountant needs. Also they have created specific modules for tracking batch numbers and best before dates. I also re-pack some products and all the pricing info for stock movements of these items can be tracked as well. Some things I have learned: I do not use combinations. One cannot copy products if they have ASM activated. I have worked around it by setting "I want to specify available quantities manually", then copy product and set ASM back. One cannot have some products using ASM, and some not. When you have different setting, Prestashop sees it as two separate warehouses and separates order into two with two shipping costs. Pretashop stats that use wholesale price are all incorrect, because ASM takes wholesale price from a different table. I would say whoever made ASM (or Prestashop in general), does not know much about accounting or what data accountants need. But for me, with all the special development work that has been done on it, it is still a lot cheaper than trying to integrate two (accounting software and Prestashop) detailed and very differently structured softwares. There is still a lot of work ahead though. Veebipoed,ee says that using ASM like we do, is rare, and most of the sellers use accounting software for their inventory, and do not have stock data in prestashop at all. I assume many of them are also doing wholesale or brick and mortar, but I sell online only.
  23. I am using Prestashop and Advanced stock management. There are products that are old and I would like to delete so that they would not show up in search anymore. What will happen to sales statistics and sales reports etc when I delete a product, will it dissapear? Helen
  24. My experience is that you have to use ASM for all products, otherwise PS thinks this order comes from two different locations and charges two shipping costs.
  25. So I have been using Advanced stock management on my website, but due to that all the statistics on STATS tab are incorrect. I need to generate some stats so I would like to use SQL Query for that. My problem is that I do not know which tables to use! Is there a description somewhere in the documentation to find out? For example, I would like to make a query for stock value of product sold last moth for accounting purposes. Does anyone know where to start?
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