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  1. Tema pe care o vrei tu functioneaza foarte pe bine pentru 1.5 insa trebuie achizitionata. Versiunea pe care ai gasit-o tu online este compatibila cu 1.3 si nu este compatibila cu codul de 1.5.
  2. Hello, I ve recently updated from to 1.5.2, and appeared a lot of bugs, i will start with this one, because is the most important: 1. when the product have a reduced price on the product list and cart it displays right, but on the product page it displays 0,0 2. on the product-list it displays 0,0 but on product page it displays right 3. also, the layered navigation doesnt work fully, if i select manufacturer, then direct someone to the link with filter applied it just redirects to unfiltered. 4. rss feed for new products now not working with the hack posted arround (i cant find this_url) anymore in the feeder.php Can someone please help me with these most important issues I have after update? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Searched all over, but the last line isnt there any more in 1.5.2, can you please provide a guide for 1.5.2? It doesnt work...
  4. Hello, is there a fix for this? Or is it only incompatible with my template?
  5. Cel mai bine ar fi sa folosesti o linie pentru fiecare feature, ca poi sa poti adauga valori prestabilite pentru fiecare. Exemplu: Touchscreen: Da/Nu Smartphone: Da/Nu Tip accesorii: Folie ecran/Huse/Incarcatoare auto, etc Ca in layered cand dai create new template sa poti selecta in functie de ce caracteristici sa filtreze. Poti sa faci filtre separate in functie de fiecare categorie, asa ca faci toate caracteristicile si cand esti pe produs le introduci doar pe cele necesare, celelalte nu vor aparea. Ca sa adaugi features te duci in catalog/features/addnewfeature - adaugi caracteristica, dupa care ii adaugi valori cu addnewfeaturevalue si apoi adaugi pe fiecare produs pentru a fi disponibil in filtrare si-l indexezi. In mare cred ca am acoperit toate aspectele care te intereseaza.
  6. Hey, Worked on, trying to have it on 1.5.2 but it just open the save as for rss.php. Did someone managed to make it work? Thanks
  7. Salut, Am facut update la 1.5 si am observat ca au schimbat layout-ul pentru pagina validation din cashondelivery si se afiseaza in felul urmator: Stie cineva cum pot face sa-mi afiseze si coloana din stanga indiferent de pagina? Multumesc!
  8. Here's what I get: Notice: Undefined offset: 5 in C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\modules\minicslider\minicslider.php on line 449 (it was unactive language, put instead of 1, 6 (current language). Edited permisions on full control for all users, on localhost and still doesnt show up. Now it shows this error and i dont know what to do: Notice: Undefined index: ro inC:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\cache\smarty\compile\1fc0a86304e04f074f9953050fb422d9b0b8c6d1.file.front.tpl.php on line 31
  9. hello, im trying for 2 days to make it work on latest version and it just doesnt show up... ive put 2 slides, ive made all the settings, but it doesnt show up neither on homepage or top hooks. any ideas?
  10. Revin cu alta dilema, am incercat sa instalez pe 1.5.2 jbx_menu, in fo se vede modulul, insa daca dau pe configurare imi apare "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class AdminTabCore in C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop\classes\AdminTab.php on line 32" Sugestii? Multumesc!
  11. Salut, Ma chinui de vreo 2 zile si nu reusesc sa modific in totalitate carouselul asta, acum am reusit dupa lungi cautari in css-uri sa modific imaginea, insa daca pun text indent pe previous si next butoanele nu functioneaza, nu stiu exact cum sa le ascund. Ma poate ajuta cineva? Multumesc mult!
  12. Eu am facut upgrade prin 1clickupgrade de pe pe 1.5.1 si a decurs ok, cu mici modificari.
  13. Hey, used it on, faboulous. Now just waiting for a release for 1.5.1. Thank you!
  14. Hello, I am currently having the same issue but as you can see here I really need those filters. So any solution without unistalling this module? Thank you!
  15. Hello, Can anyone post the adminproducts.php modified for That will be great, thanks! LE: solved uploading version Thanks, great module!
  16. Can someone give me some indications? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I've installed the module, its great but it doesnt show the scroll bar in product footer, can you tell me how to enable it? LE: now in some products the module doesnt display correctly, take a look here next to short descr, have any ideea what could it be? Thanks
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