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  1. Sau poti trece oricand pe modulul celor de la yotpo, care este de 10x mai avansat decat cel basic prestashop. L-am folosit de vreo 2 ori si nu se poate compara.
  2. Hello, great job guys. I think i've made something wrong. The thing is... if a product has more attributes, not only the color, it brings that up as colors too... look in the pic attached at i9300, it has 1 more attribute with 2 values of capacity that increase/decrease the price. It should only show the color attribute. I've followed dpcdpc11's guide.
  3. Tried Happy's lattest version (cleanurl_v3) after updating to 1.5.4, deleted cache and worked like a charm, all clean urls no ids involved. Very simple and direct, just upload delete cache hit ctrl+f5 and you're good to go! Thank you!
  4. Can someone explain clearly how to update to 1.5.4? My steps that DOESN'T work: Update to 1.5.4 with 1 click upgrade tool; Deleted manualy cache in cache/smarty/cache+compile; Modified in Performance -> Recompile on force recompile, then moved on recompile when changed; Uploaded lapy's override in override but no replace file poped up so maybe i put it wrong; Rolled back to till I understand how to install this Thank you very much, a detailed guide to 1.5.4 would be great.
  5. Hello, is it possible to translate into Romanian? I could provide translation, but I dont have the fields for the Reviews tab content. Any toughts? Also, i would be great if in Reviews tabs would show the nr of reviews too, like this: Reviews (13), Review (2), etc.
  6. So I guess with 1.5.4 out the module doesnt work any more...
  7. Am luat de data asta cu atentie baza de date la puricat si am selectat doar produsele, nu vroiam si celalalte informatii. Am modificat id-ul limbii in limba care era in baza de date si am adaugat de asemenea categoria HOME, motiv pentru care nu puteam sa creez categorii noi. Se poate inchide.
  8. Great, 2 things i want to customize. Remove (nr of reviews on product-lit.tpl) and show under title of product in product.tpl the stars. Any ideas? If i put the bottom line code under the title it displays only 1 star and its off the line (although ive set in css display: inline-block)
  9. Ok, aici gasesti rezolvarea, modifica in php.ini memory_limit la 64M dupa cum iti indica Rocky. Sper ca am fost de ajutor.
  10. Activeaza erorile in config/defines.inc si posteaza ce iti apare. define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);
  11. Am patit cu o persoana care vroia magazin prestashop cu 500 de lei, fiind prima mea alternativa de a crea un magazin online am zis ca hai merge... Initial tipul vroia doar sa ii import produsele dintr-un magazin shopmania, sa-i pun combinatii pentru niste produse si sa-i configurez o tema custom. Am fost de acord si am inceput lucrarea fara un avans, iar ulterior a ramas ca se duce sa puna 200 de lei avans ), au inceput sa apara tot felul de scuze ca nu e singur in "afacere" si ca seful lui nu este de acord, mi-a dat o adresa de mail sa stau de vb cu seful lui nush ce... pana la urma am sters totul de pe server si am incheiat orice colaborare. Este vorba despre: http://www.alevgold.com, iar contactul l-am luat prin Y!M: panait.eduard. Intre timp vad ca a pus o tema de opencart. Era clar ca vroia sa faca singur si vroia sa invete probabil sau nu stiu ce sa zic. N-as putea-o numi chiar teapa, ci mai degraba 2 zile irosite. De atunci m-am invatat si doar cu plata in avans ma apuc de ceva, nici structura nu i-o fac pana nu am avans.
  12. De mult am cautat ceva care sa mearga pe formatul legal si sa nu-mi dea batai de cap. Super tare, recomand cu incredere!
  13. Hello, I have tested it on a clean prestashop and works great. However on my localhost server if i enter a category it doesnt show images, i mean... it shows no image available image - default if u didnt uploaded, however after I apply a filter, the photos showed up. Can someone help me with this? Thank you. LE: I also saw that route to products for a manufacturer doesnt work, if i click on lg for example it gives me the full list of manufacturers, but not the products.The picture for manufacturer doesnt appear in here too. This happens on clean too... LE2: Changed from lapys version to happy's and seems like there is no issue with manufacturer, but now i still cand see the images only after i apply filters. Take a look in pics attached. Any ideas?
  14. Salut, Am o problema la mutarea de pe online pe localhost, am facut urmatorii pasi: instalare prestashop clean copiat module de pe online pe local copiat folderul mails export/import la traduceri custom export la baza de date DOAR cu produsele, am luat urmatoarele tabele: tot ce tine de ps_attribute, ps_category, ps_feature, ps_image, ps_layered, ps_manufacturer, ps_product, ps_specific_price copiat /img de pe online pe local copiat tema de pe online pe local copiat /download si /upload de pe online pe local Toate bune si frumoase, imi afiseaza produsele cu nume pret, etc insa cu urmatoarele probleme: nu am imagini pentru produse din categorii nu pot sa fac nimic, nici nu sunt afisate in modulul categorii, iar daca dau pe categorii imi da time out se pare ca limba care o aveam pe online era italiana si imi ia traducerile automat de italiana, cum o pot schimba in romana? daca activez lb romana si o dau ca prestabilita nu imi mai apar numele, meta titlurile, descriile produselor decat pe limba italiana Va multumesc pentru ajutor!
  15. Hello, Can someone please help me with this issue? I want to reorganize products into categs but i have to add categories through phpmyadmin. Any help would be appreciaed. Thx
  16. I'll try to update this tommorow and get back to you. Did u try updating to and see if it was fixed this issue? Thank you!
  17. It would be great to have a fix for this as it's a critical bug.
  18. I have tried now to update categories and had the following error. Can someone help me with a fix? Thank you!
  19. Hi, Ok, so how is this more stable then the last one? I'm still with comment and disabled cannonical. You have enabled canonical url and it works too? Did you tried adding new pages? Thanks
  20. I found a temp solution to work. You have to deactivate canonical url from seo & urls and then set your rewrite rule for pricesdrop, then save and there you go. I have mysite/discounts.
  21. That works for pricesdrop now, redirect corectly to mysite/discounted but dont work for other modules. I've tried adding again wishlist as {rewrite} to wishlist, but i think it must be added in dispatcher and I dont know how to remove the conditioning of {module} and {controller} it should be only mysite/{rewrite} as in mysite/wishlists not mysite/wishlist?module=blockwishlists,etc. A help from a moderator would be nice, because I still think its a bug.
  22. This solution still works as the previous, i mean. It redirect corectly for categories/products but doesnt work for cms pages, and pages added from seo-url. I'm currently sticking to the first fix. Did u try to rewrite wishlist page, favorite products page or cashondelivery-validation page? It redirects to mysite/{rewrite}?module=blockwishlist&controller=mywishlist and should redirect to mysite/{rewrite}. I really dont undestand whats happening with this functionality.
  23. I removed it from seo information but now when im trting to add it again there is no prices-drop. Its named pricesdrop and i believe that its not the same page. Deleted cache from smarty compile and theme and still the same result.
  24. It works for me commenting the code above. Yes the question about pricesdrop refers to this topic. I did the following: 1. Removed prices-drop from Seo&Urls pages; 2. Tried adding again the same page, but it's named "pricesdrop" and the deleted one was named "prices-drop" 3. If i rewrite the "pricesdrop" page it redirects me to mywebsite/index.php?controller=prices-drop 4. Now I cant add "prices-drop" page because it isnt there Thank you for your feedback.
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