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  1. Yes I can see it within the admin section but because the orders are sent to my guys in the factory (in another country) they need to see it that end. Hmmm. but surely if I have the latest Paypal it should be sending it to Paypal as I have not modified any of the Paypal code
  2. Hey I have Prestasop 1.4.10 and the latest Paypal v3.4.6 but when customers make an order it doesnt show the attrubute. I charges for the attribute but does not display it in the Paypal side. Anyone know why this is?
  3. Hey Does anyone know how I can get the Quantity, Price and Add to cart all on one line in the product page? I have tried just about everything I can think of but never getting it. I have attached a photo to see what I mean or you can view the site here - http://www.ginirigs-usa.com/159-advanced-puing-a-rig.html Thanks
  4. This didnt work for me but I have changed it to work. In AdminOrders.php - catalog / admin area /tabs/ Find this <input type="radio" name="visibility" id="visibility" value="0" /> '.$this->l('Yes').' <input type="radio" name="visibility" value="1" checked="checked" /> '.$this->l('No').' And replace with this <input type="radio" name="visibility" id="visibility" value="0" checked="checked" /> '.$this->l('Yes').' <input type="radio" name="visibility" value="1" /> '.$this->l('No').' Hopefully this works for you as well
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