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  1. Hey i am freaked out. My site is loosing traffic day by day and now it's totally gone , not even a single visit in Nov 9 and nov 10. I am just totally shocked and sad.. Last time it was effected by penguin latest update < 3rd version > and i did everything like as removing bad links,creating new articles,and did social media stuff for brand popularity but all in vain. i was also heading for some new link building plan but nothing is working for me. The site is degrading day by day. My site was one the best site from Nepal in clothing stuff's and it ranked top in many keywords. Now it doesn't ranks in even top 2 pages... I am just totally fed up with this.. Does anybody has any idea about it i mean what's going wrong with my site.?
  2. hello everyone I want to exclude fr pages and url while creating sitemap from Google sitemap module. So can anybody help me please to sort this out ? Is there code that could do this ?
  3. Yes it has effected me a lot . I saw the affect from 6 oct and the update was done in 5 oct....God help me. Does anyone know the solution for it..?
  4. Thanks for reply I have always monitored the competitors and their site's backlinks quantities are same < major compitiors > I am confused coz i lost my traffic suddenly and there was no any messages in webmaster regarding spam or about penguin or panda algo's effect. My competitors site are not so good for user friendliness and they have few backlinks except one competitor. My domain authority is also good and conversion in google analytics is also good. in previous months i got upto 81% new visitors but now it's dropped to 73%. God know what's happening. When i insalled the good relation module it worked very well for one month but after that it began to disappear and now no pages showing rich snippet and i think it could be one of the reason for traffic loss coz with rich snippet your site can get more 35 % more ctr than usual site So i think it is the main problem or could be other ? NO idea
  5. Hello everyone Does anybody know how to do 301 redirect to all 404 pages to their parent categories? I have a lo of 404 pages and Google is showing them as error and leading to poor user experience and bad seo. I did some redirection's and it worked but i need to redirect many similar url's to one urls at once <same time - as gruop>. so don't know how do it.
  6. I have the same problem and i think it's leading me to decreasing traffic. NO ways to fix this problem . I just started to remove these url's from google webmaster and hoping them to disappear.
  7. Myshop version is and i tried to install the latest sitemap version 1.9 in it but failed. No idea what's happening I have the sitemap version of 1.7.2 which is not good . It adds all the id parameteres and unwanted urls in it and it does index any images every time. Very bad module... Plz help me on this
  8. Hello everyone I have a very serious problem. From last week a i found that my eCommerce site visit has fallen down surprisingly without any error. Usually i get 120 to 140 vists per day but on this sunday <6/oct >i noticed a deep fall in the visit. i was 60 visit on that day. a very nasty surprise , i must say. I don't know the reason behind this scene but i think i might got impact by google's latest penguin update. Please guys what should i do can u say anything about this ?
  9. Hi Last month i used goodrelation's rich snippet module for good SERP ranking and it helped me a lot but from this month it began to decrease. First time when i installed it and withn 2 -3 weeks it covered 80 to 90 pages out of 160 html pages but last week when i checked the rich snippet data in the google webmaster account then it was shocking. It was showing only 3 pages added and now only one but when i searched by different keywords then it's showing the breadcrumb snippet in few pages. I don't know what's going on in my site . Anyone who know about this ?
  10. Hello everyone I hope you guys have solved the problem that problem was a big problem for all prestashop user and now it is fixed by great guys. So please can u tell me how to fix it and by which module. We all newbie will really appreciate that Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for this great module but can you help me on its rss feed I want to know how to make a rss feed for this blog module or for my blog ? any help
  12. I am also facing the same problem and in the webmaster account i have got 256 count by Google as duplicate content and title tag.. can u help me on this . is there any free module for it or where can i find the location of the main default module < the location of the default cannonical module tag in the prestashop directory >to edit it... Plz help
  13. Well i had the same problem but when i put "q" and "search_query" as< q,search_query> in the query parameter , then it began to work and began to show the results..... It worked nicley in my analytics and i think the query parameter for prestashop site's is "q" . The " search_query" paramater is only alternative form of query of q which is due to freindly seo url, i guess.
  14. Thanks for the reply but we did it before u replied me Anyways thanks again. And it works smoothly
  15. Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template "/home/content/a/g/s/agslazimpat/html/kathmanduclothing/ktmprestashop/themes/matrice/modules/editorial/editorial.tpl"on line 66 "{l s='Our stunning new range of cotton zip jackets, tops, pants, dresses and skirts are superbly created by the ladies of the Kathmandu valley. Stonewashed and overdyed, the colour combinations are spectacular. Embroidery is done by hand and each item is a unique masterpiece. Funky pants and dresses add to this season's exciting new range from the Himalayas." - Unexpected "s", expected one of: "}" , " "' in /home/content/a/g/s/agslazimpat/html/kathmanduclothing/ktmprestashop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:431 Stack trace: #0 /home/content/a/g/s/agslazimpat/html/kathmanduclothing/ktmprestashop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templateparser.php(2855): Smarty_Internal_TemplateCompilerBase->trigger_template_error() #1 /home/content/a/g/s/agslazimpat/html/kathm in /home/content/a/g/s/agslazimpat/html/kathmanduclothing/ktmprestashop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 431
  16. I just installed the rich snippet module and did add some metadata info in my head section file header .tpl . After installing it worked for some time and then it crashed and showed nothing in the home page .... Menu bar can be seen but featured product , let right and footer bar are not shown. <i have attached the pic below> please help. it's very urgent....
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