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  1. hi all i wanted to track my checkout behavior for my store and i have enabled all the required settings < eCommerce settings all on with enhanced eCommerce settings and also user id enabled in latest ga module but still i cant get the checkout behavior data. i have all other ecommerce data except the checkout behavior. so for that i also created a goal only to track the checkout process but that is also not working. < followed this post https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/362434-objectif-google-analytics-ps-16/ by zebs post 16 > i guess the tweak only works for older version of Ga module. so does anybody know how to track the checkout process or create goal to check the checkout process ? My store v is and GA v is 2.3.4 .
  2. hi ransjaeger i tried your solution but not working at all. my store version is 1.6.14
  3. hi all i wanted to create goal for checkout process to measure the conversion and i followed this guide posted in this topic https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/362434-objectif-google-analytics-ps-16/ by zebx #16 but what i noticed is i couldn't find the hook folder inside the google analytics folder modules/ganalytics/views/templates/hook), its just admin and index .php file over there no hook dir inside the template dir. Also the modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php file is different than the others specified in the post. i guess the latest version removed all these thing from the moudle. my store version is 16.1.4 and the ga module v is 2.3.4 . and i havent installed the ga api module because i dont know the use of it. Please help v2.3.4-Google Analytics.zip
  4. i cant find the the lines stated above in both pages headerr.tpl and gnalytics.php the newest ga module 2.3..4 and ps v please help v2.3.4-Google Analytics.zip
  5. hi all i tried to do the same as told by zebx #17 but i couldn't find the hook folder inside the ganalytics module just a admin and index.php file. GA v is 2.3.4 and i haven't installed the GA api . The ps version is Please help on this
  6. hi all Has anyone applied Google's amp markup to their prestashop store yet ? For those who dont know its an Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make really fast mobile pages. At its essence, it's basically astripped-down form of HTML, https://www.ampproject.org/ http://searchengineland.com/get-started-accelerated-mobile-pages-amp-240688 Now mobile sites really does matter so does anybody applied this markup on your estore ?
  7. Hy Dh42 i can work for you as by your needs. just let me know.
  8. @knowband yeah above code works fine for some urls but not for all. IT doesnt work for disabled products. Also the redirects are 302 not 301 , so i want the 301 redirection. i did check the code and replace the 302 to 301 but still the same redirection code shows which is 302 ex check the redirection code for these url http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/module/mailalerts/actions?process=add http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/en/wholesale-tops-for-women/155-ssd-701-.html "if (Tools::strtolower(substr($matches[2], -8)) != '_default') { header('Location: '.$this->context->link->getImageLink('', $matches[1], $matches[2]), true, 301); exit; Also some of the disabled product urls which does not redirects. Please check them ex http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/woolen-hats/22-gb-64-.html shows 404 http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/nepali-scarves/50-sh0680-.html and too many but in 1.6 x we can redirect it manually one by one to another related products which is very time consuming, so i just want to redirect all disable products to either their categories or to homepage. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  9. I know all about the cookies and cache but thanks for suggestion. Anyways i have done that several times infact cleared all the history from the beginning from every browsers but still no luck. The email and password value shows up but when i sign in it doesn't gets signed in. You can check yourself http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/authentication?back=my-account so any idea about it
  10. Hi all when i go to sign in or my account page to login then i see email value < email and password > already there in the already registered customers . i know there shouldn't be anything , it should be blank Its version is and recently upgraded from 1.4.11. So does anybody knows how to remove it from there ? its very annoying because everytime we have to delete the email manually . help need
  11. Hi knowband I have more that 600 url which is 404 . all these are disabled products, old modules, old blog posts etc. i want all of them to be redirected to homepage or to related categories < for disabled product > Can u please help me on this
  12. Hey I have enabled rich snippet feature in every place where it needs to be enabled < both in yotpo dashboard and store backend > but still no luck. No reviews in serps for reviewed products. The error doesnt show in the products which have reviews , it shows only for those which dont have So i put the best and worst rating too in the tpl but still facing one error instead of two "Failed to normalize the rating value." I guess they rating value also should be in between 1 to 5 point range else it will show error for products which dont have revies at all . hence it far away from our hand, The yotpo team should do something to fix it soon
  13. @kevinnash So we must buy a plan to have rich snippet to show them in the google serps? am i correct ? But how about installing their code in our theme manually ? i did so and the rich snippet tool is showing the review markup with no error at all. http://www.kathmanduclothing.com/tunics/400-long-printed-tie-dyed-hippie-top-for-women.html But for those products which do not have reviews at all , it is showing some erros < no best or worst rating > So the problem is now for those products which do not have reviews at all they are showing errors ? So what can be done ? So any idea about that ?
  14. yes all of them tried both enabling disabling of overides and non prestashop modules. also the cache is off and force compliation is on . but didnt work yesterday but today when i disabled the overrides the site came back. so i guess its all due to the smarty cache or pure cache . the clear chache doent remove whole cache properly which makes the down for a day . thie same thing happend few days ago but it solved after few moments but this time it took so long. i dont know whats wrong with the clear cache thing . also would it be ok to clear the cache manually from ftp ?
  15. the same thing happened after clearing the cache through backend in Error Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$smarty in /home/ktmtest2/testktmcloth.com/classes/module/Module.php on line 2330 Fatal error: Call to a member function createTemplate() on null in /home/ktmtest2/testktmcloth.com/classes/module/Module.php on line 2330 help on this
  16. Hi thee my blog is not working which is installed it in a fresh prestashop store it just showing 404 when i click the blog url The thing is when i change the blog url in the configuring page it doesnt change and keeps showing the full controller url http://www.agstest.com/index.php?controller=smartblog so i cant identitfy whats going wrong with the module please help
  17. hi yotpo team just want to know that does your seo ticks even work or not i have enabled the feature have created the minisite and its getting indexed by google too but i cant see any product reviews on google search not its is showing the product rating as well. So what does the seo tricks features does exactly. i dont see any kind of benefit by that feature or trick. 2nd thing to show the product star review on google search , do i have to buy that plan or it can be shown just the implenting and enabling the feature both in pretsshop and yotpo . I have many goods reviews and i really want to show my product reviews on serp but the pricing plan is too expensive for small business < starter pack > as my site is a small site. so can i just show reviews without buying any plans Also to show the reviwes do i have to implement this code <div itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/AggregateRating"> <span itemprop="ratingValue">{hook h="yotpoProductAverageScore" product_id=$product->id}</span> <span itemprop="ratingCount">{hook h="yotpoProductReviewCount" product_id=$product->id}</span> </div> manually even after installing the latest yotpo module.
  18. @KevinNash thansk for the repy actually i wanted to make the column review widget calculable so that if a customers wants to write a review then he or she can be redirected to the reviews tabs to write. do you know how it make it like that ?
  19. ok so can u tell me how to remove the default rich snippet code from the store. I havent found any modules to disable them. i guess they are embedded by default in newest prestashop version. Also did u mean the products comment as standard review module to work for your rich snippet module ?
  20. hi nemo thanks for the module i have one problem the rich snippet testing tool is showing error in breadcrumbs without your module installed i had product snippet and it was getting indexed properly but i wanted the breadcrumb too. so i installed your module but the breadcrumb is not working properly . its not getting the url of the product page itself could you please fix this ps v theme megashop Also whats the use of summary tab. How your module enables the google rich snippet without having any reviews of products ? as i have installed yotpo for google rich snippet. so i guess its already there. i just want the breadcrumbs. So can i remove the summary tab too ?
  21. hi team the write a review lis not working in products page. i have enabled in the right block and its showing there but when in click on it doesn't go to the reviews tabs to write the review. but when i m on the review tab it goes over there to write a review. its just that wherever we are except the reviews tabs it doesnt work, its just works when we are active on the reviews tab. can u tell me how to solve it using and theme megashop yotpo version also latest
  22. wanted to change the sliding time or the transition time of products displayed under the featured products and Products Carousel on homepage .The products chnges so quickly which is kind of annoying . so ijust wanted to increase the time of siding of those displayed products. using and theme megashop Anyone knows the solution ???
  23. yes this kind of feature needs to be added. prestashop team please fix this issue soon
  24. which version ? i cant see any type of option to redirect in
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