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  1. Hello Everyone, I would like to add a header row that I want to sum up all the quantity of all my displayed products in the backoffice controller. Any ideas how to achieve it? I am experimenting with list_content.tpl file
  2. Thanks for your reply. No we do not have any other coupon / catalogue rules modules.
  3. Thanks musicmaster this is a great reply. I have checked and the id_specific_rule is 0 to all my specific prices. So maybe the problem is generated by other actions.
  4. We have checked and found that when catalogue rules are used most of the specific prices table data gets deleted. Is there any way to avoid this deletion?
  5. Thank you for your reply and help. We do not have any catalogue rules for specific products, we only have free shipping based on client. I try to find which action deletes more than 770 records for 500 different products with no luck. Best Regards
  6. Dear Prestashop community, I have found a major problem in our Prestashop version. Suddenly, the specific prices tables rows get deleted and from 800 records, only 26 remain. Before two weeks we did not have any problems with the specific prices table. I uninstalled a recently installed module, but the problem still exists. This problem is strange because the database table has remaining records, after the "automatic" deletion of rows. Any ideas? Best Regards
  7. Hello the module implements a really great idea. I have found the solution for myself, because I had the same problem. The personalsalesmen.php in this module uses the default database PREFIX ps_ if you have changed the database prefix it will not function properly without altering the code. You should find the personalsalesmen.php file and change the ps_ to your DBPREFIX or add the constant '._DB_PREFIX_.' I upload the altered module packages, the file altered is personalsalesmen.php personal_salesmen_hellykun_010717.zip
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a different view for AdminOrdersController but keep also the default one. I create the new controller AdminOrdersNewController and extends to the AdminController class. I add this controller in the admin controllers folder. I assign a new menu item in the Administration Panel and assign the AdminOrdersNew to it. When I select this menu item a see a blank page. Is there a step I am missing? Any help will be greatly appeciated.
  9. Hello to all, I would like to display some info from a module to Backoffice, when I add orders from the backoffice. I have managed to display the data to the final order by using "hookDisplayAdminOrderTabOrder", can anybody help which is the hook to display also in "controller=AdminOrders&addorder" in the backoffice. Thanks a lot
  10. No problem I have found a way. $customer = new Customer(); $email = " "; $passwd = " "; $authentication = $customer->getByEmail(trim($email), trim($passwd)); if the customer does not exist then false is returned
  11. Dear all, is there any function that get the customers' username (email) and password as an input, and returns if this customer is an existing customer or not ? This will be added in a PHP script that retrieves the username and password with GET function, using core prestashop functions. using prestashop Thank you, Best Regards.
  12. Hello great module, something that is missing from Prestashop. I have installed the module to Prestashop, but the lists with the customers and employees are empty. When I click on the dropdown menu nothing appears. See attached picture. Is there any fix for that? thank you.
  13. yes I think it is the cache. Make sure that you also clear the controller cache manually with FTP. Or just use Firefox for back office.
  14. Hello I had the same problem but when I have changed the file no problems at all. Try to change all the following files: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/blob/5566c2d9d7e4ab88a201b2c5cf10e1cda2ff7150/admin-dev/themes/default/template/controllers/products/helpers/form/form.tpl#L252-L254 And see the results
  15. Check here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/563518-solved-problem-saving-products/page-2
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