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  1. English. i haven't changed anything in a couple of months.
  2. A few months ago I had the issue where I could not create a new product. When I go to create a new product, the Product Name field is greyed out and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to fix this. Of course I need to add about 35 products today. I have cleared the cache, regenerated the thumbnails. I'm at 1.5.2, using a Mac, both Safari & Chrome. Help???
  3. Yes - but the download version from Addons is 1.0 - I purchased it three days ago. May I have an upgrade link to 1.4? Billing address Beach Bungalow Frame Company Roxanne Benton 6160 N HOLLYWOOD BLVD STE 109 89115 Las Vegas United States - Nevada 9498874227 Status of your order 05/13/2013 > Payment accepted Product Unit price Qty Download Import Voucher from CSV $39.99 x1 Download (v.1.0) Total:$39.99 Total products (without taxes):$39.99 Contact us
  4. I bought it from the Prestashop AddOns site on May 13th. It's V. 1.0. May I have an upgrade to the current revision? Maybe it will work properly then. Many thanks!
  5. I have tried logging in to the back office demo and it returns to the login. Does this work with 1.5.2?? I purchased it, and I can't get it to apply to a certain product. Help!
  6. Hi everyone - I'm trying to put ONE size of my frames on sale, with no luck. For all of my frames that come in 16x20 size, I want to put them on sale from $95 to $65. I use Presto-Changeo's AWP for my combinations and such - is this why when I try to put in a sale price it's not working? Any help would be greatly appreciated - my site is http://www.BeachBungalowFrameCompany.com Mahalo! Roxanne
  7. Hey RacerX! *grin* Bluehost and I are going back to February 18th - system file backup only. I hope it works. If it doesn't, what in the database would corrupt the BO? Do you have any idea?? I appreciate your commenting on my plea for help - thank you so much! ....and seeing as you're a racer, our shop is right next to the Las Vegas Speedway - we watch cars, drift cars, bikes and all kinds of stuff all day long. CRAZY fun!
  8. I am in a dire situation! Last week when I went to my BO to create a new product, the Product Name field was grayed out - couldn't enter a name. So - I tried to duplicate a product, rename it, and change the association. When I clicked on Associations, the arrow just spun and spun and spun. Robert at PS Tech Support has been very kind, however hasn't seen anything like this. He did a workaround so I can enter the product name, but now there's no Save or Save and Stay option on the product, and the Associations still just spins and spins. We (Robert) did a full backup and reinstalled PS and my theme, Asylum by Marek (I love that theme!) to no avail. Any thoughts?? I would hate to start over - I just did this in December after my other site crashed. Thanks in advance! Roxanne
  9. I agree. I too have had a very bad experience with Jeevan. 90% of the work has been done, and now there is no way to contact him. I'm contacting PayPal and reporting him and getting my $$ returned. *sigh* Now, Tomer & the crew at Presto-Changeo are wickedly awesome!! That's where I'm going to get this project done.
  10. Hey everyone! I'm helping my staff create a new store. We bought the Alcohol template from Template Monster. We're up on Bluehost, and are TRYING to upload the theme using the Theme Upload module. ....but it won't work. A lot. I go to where the zip file is, and then it just hangs and hangs and hangs. Then when it looks like it's done, the new theme isn't there. *sigh* ....do I really have to use the FTP/File Tree method? Thanks in advance, Roxanne ETA: Fixed it.
  11. Could you modify this module to upload an image for a canvas? And also resize the image if needed? Please see CanvasRox.com and upload an image to see what I'm talking about. Thanks!
  12. I too am interested. There have been a few posts on the forum, but nobody seems to want to - or know how to - help us in the canvas biz. Bueller? Anyone?? *snerk*
  13. On my site, people can upload an image for a canvas, or mug, or jewelry. They upload the image after choosing the product, so the image is associated with that product. THEN they go to the next product they want to order. I need a module which allows the customer to upload their image, then RESIZE it if needed to the appropriate image - then, their image is printed on the order form? MANY thanks!!! ETA: My site is www.canvasrox.com if you want to see how the site works. My current image uploader is on the site - but I HATE MY WEBSITE, and as soon as this type of module can work the way I need it to, I'll change the site over to Prestashop - thank you!
  14. Hey everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Now that it's back to work, I have a question. My old PS site was horribly damaged, and the database was fried. I have my old orders printed out - is there a way I can enter my customers' orders into the new site?? They've already paid, so that's an issue too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Mahalo plenty, Roxanne
  15. Now THIS one I'm sure I cant solve on my own... In my store, I sell frames. Some of the frames have two parts - the back piece and the front piece, which can be different colors and finishes. With my OLD PS site, I created all the combinations (Front color, front finish, size, back color, back finish, size, etc.) and everything came up just fine. With my new shop, only one set of attributes is coming up. Just the ones for the single frames (color, glaze, finish, etc.) Help? My brain is full. Oh - and I'm using Marek Mnishek's Alysum theme - it's LOVELY!! You can see my site at www.BeachBungalowFrameCompany.com. Thanks in advance!
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