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  1. I am building a store which sells shoes. Is it possible to have two top level categories share the same sub category. For example I have a top level cat for Girls and one for Boys... I'd like them to share the slippers sub cat.
  2. This happened to me and no... no one on here could figure out why. I think I found the reason. My client had been copy and pasting from an old store on another software patform and from MS Word. This means they were unknowingly transporting hidden formatting with the C&P. I 'think' this is what caused the store to have a melt-down and not know what it was doing. I had to start again from scratch and re-build the whole store.
  3. AHA!!! line 69..... I was doing the wrong bit.. .sf-menu > li > a:hover, .sf-menu > li.sfHoverForce > a { background: #D0F35B; border-bottom-color: #8FB60E; color: white; }
  4. hmm I tried this.. will kick the cache and try again...
  5. LOL yeah sorry.. I tend to do this.... rip my hair out and cant find something... walk away from the pc.. think about it.. come back and solve my own problems! I'm now trying to change the hove brown/black of the menu bar and can't find that... or can find it and it's not working.... I'm not liking at the moment....
  6. OK found it.... theme/css/modules/blocktopmenu... changed the 25px to 135px... :-)
  7. Hello... http://happylittlesoles.co.uk/zy/ I would like to move the whole store down so that more of the background can be seen. I have searched all the usual places but can't find where the code is to increase the padding above the menu... Can anyone help?
  8. I've just noticed that the lady who's store it is has cut and pasted text in there from another source.. word probably or her other store. Trouble is it's included the html code... I think this could be what the issue is so I will delete all categories and products, drop the table and see if this helps.
  9. OK. I know that you will be looking at the shop and database so I will re-cap what the issues are. Products... if you try and edit the products in the BO then it acts like it has worked but when you look nothing has saved. If you look at the product language table in the Database then you will see the changes. However... you will also see that there are TWO of each product. The same thing happens in the categories.. no ability to edit them in the BO. Duplicating in the DB. id_lang shows as 1 and 2...... the edits show in number 2 but not in number 1. id_category shows both having the same id number though. So both product 6 have the number 6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the same issues with the slider... it's impossible to edit the slider at all.
  10. oohhh I dont care... just another pair of eyes would be amazing. Will PM you the log in details... Thank you.
  11. The slider has messed up a store I am working on too... I wish I could just remove it completely from the store... Have also been asking Vekia to have a look at the store for me. It's so frustrating when you simply can't pin-point what the cause of an error is isn't it!
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