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  1. the address to change image of bankwire, cheque and cash ARE ON ROOT/THEMES/YOURTHEME/CSS/GLOBAL.CSS Search there ITS A PNG EXTENSION There you can play wit css and on tpls files you can play with classes and bootstrap (if your theme allows) Tired of Prestashop. Low support from Team and each year less people on Forum to help. . 1.7 still a mess. Dont have time to wait for more 3 years until 1.7.X.Y.Z be really stable. Going fast to WooCommerce
  2. For me just work when delete all line of the status, via sql. Thank you
  3. Go back to 1.6 1.7 will fine only on next 5 years, more or less
  4. Because things like this im migrating to Woocommerce. Bad for Prestashop that going to turn 100% cashable!
  5. Hello fellows. Im very sad with the slowly of prestashop team in solve the many bugs that are on 1.7x new version. Some errors and no solutions in sight. Really sad, about years on this marketplace, investing time and money and the new version still on the egg. Thinking to change
  6. when i tried to debug the website, cant see nothing to debug on backoffice (he backoffice works without debug), and on frontoffice received this error on page - see in attached image. i changed the false to true on /* Debug only */ if (!defined('_PS_MODE_DEV_')) { define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); Anyone can help
  7. Hello Fred The option "Add Private Note" is the native from Prestashop. dont know why this happens. I made a test, when are setted to Yes, all notes that i add on form and save are registered. If the option are setted to No, all notes not are saved. One curious thing that occur, when are setted to No and not save the notes, is that the button "Save", after click on it, still appearing, the function of click on Save button still on.
  8. Hello fellows. I have a problem with override option. My prestashop has a specific theme installed and for some modules that need leave the option "Disable all overrides"on option "NO" to be functional, like quick view and swap images on mouseover. But, on my backoffice, i need that others functions works too, like the box "Add Private Note" on customers field, to add notes about the clients and yours orders. And the "Add Private Note" only works when the option "Disable all overrides" are setted to "YES". So, i dont know how to fix this problem evolving override. Can someone help me please. Thank you very much Rita
  9. wORKS Just remember to change permissions of admin folder too, of modules.
  10. Im using the last version. Always same error. PayPal v4.1.0 - by PrestaShop
  11. I have the same error. Cant connect paypal account. This module are broken. Why launch a new Prestashop version, if we cant receive the payments, by the most used payment module???? So no sense !!!!! Maybe the developers need be more profissional and act with responsability. Too bad for prestashop brand this problem occur without fix, for so long time.
  12. Thank you very much Datakick. Works great. Where is the button to your tip please. Rita
  13. I made tests and works. But for my case, i need that only numbers can be inserted. i need 11 numbers for mobile and 10 for home phone Because i see that the strings ()- are acceptable as counting on total number on field phone number.
  14. Hello Vekia And about different sizes of phone number... like 11 numbers for mobile and 10 for home phone?
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