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  1. ce nam nakazes 39 evrov ti pojasnemo kako jo izvozis da nam jo lahko potem prodas za 40
  2. Razumem da se trudis in zelis vlozen trud za katerega si bil ze placan v sluzbi se dodatno zaracunati.Spostujem to in te tudi razumem.Definitivno v teh casih pride prav dodatnih 40 evrov na prevod, vendar naj le omenim, da smo tukaj skupnost,ki si pomagamo v tezavah in naj se pripomnim, da naprimer Malcek, kateri me ne pozna, me ni nikoli slisal in nikoli imel od mene cesarkoli, mi je poslal slovenski prevod na mail brez kakrsnekoli protiusluge v zameno. Takrat sem se ponudil da vrnem uslugo ce bo potrebno, ceprav si mislim da je to ze zdavnaj pozabil... Drugace pa kot si ze omenil da smo v sloveniji, bi ti ljudje rekli : Snadji se mujo
  3. Skupaj bomo dali vsi po en evro, potem si bomo pa senkavali prevod kot zmesani
  4. Im running prestashop 1.5 on xampp.In few weeks im getting new computer, so i would like to move my shop to new comp. So, my question is, how do i make a clone of my existing xampp shop, including sql database, language pack which i already modified and off course my modified store. Thanks for all help i can get from u guys. Best regards.
  5. Pod translations/modules ce me spomin ne zafrkava....
  6. Bill im worst newb then i thought. I think u gave me good pointer wheres my problem. I dont have .htacess in my htdocs folder. I read on net,they say just to create new text file and rename it like .htaccess but i kinda trust u , so i rather ask u instead of experimenting this on my own
  7. i tried both options and i tried with wamp. And i still got blue warning : !Your .htaccess file must be writable. Is it possible that my antivirus is cause of this? I use Panda. I dont have any more ideas
  8. ill try that sollution 2 and ill keep u posted. Need to go to sleep, its 3:22 am my time Need to get up in the morning, so i try this solution tommorow. Actualy i will try 2 solutions. 1 C:/website 2 c/:Program Files thanks for all the help Bill.Respect man.
  9. i have to partitions. 1: c - system 2:d - programs and stuff I installed on partition 2:d the path is : D:\XAMPP Should i try to install to c/:Program Files ? I was checking wamp server and thought about it, but to be honest i was waiting for ur replays and in meantime i was googling like crazy about this issue If i give up, im mentaly dead, and i cant afford this luxury.Fight till the end
  10. i uninstalled xampp, deleted prestashop and reebooted my system. Then i installed new version of xampp. I got this notice : The User Account Control(UAC) is deactivated on your system(reccomended).Please note : A later activation of UAC can restrict the funcionality of XAMPP. I installed new version of prestashop and i went to see if i still got warning about htcasses. Its still there. Just for info, i got win 7 ultimate 32 bit system which i installed just to see if i can solve this problem just with other version of windows .I hoped i wont have the same issue like on xp.
  11. i set user account settings to : never notify problem still exist. This one is tricky The weard part is,that on presta 1.4 didint have issues with htcasses write .
  12. I made fresh install of windows 7.I formated comp. i instaleed xampp , and i got this warning when installing it : Important!Because an activated User Acount Control(UAC) on your system soem functions of XAMPP are possibley restricted.With UAC please avoid to install XAMPP to c:|Program files)missing write permissions).Or deactivate UAC with msconfig after the setup. I installed to D: my second partition.When i installed Prestashop, i went to look if i have warning and it was right there. I have still the same problem.
  13. i read the whole google about this problem and i tried solutions which the people suggested.Like enableing rewrite module , and similar solutions.But nothing worked for me,so i decited to install windows 7 tommorov.Actualy i needed to do that sooner,but i hate forrmating Hope this will not happen on win 7. But just in case, im courios if anybody figure it out how to solve this problem. I couldnt translate my store cause of this problem.
  14. Bill comeeeeeeeeeee back i need u my xampp still have issues.
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