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  1. Hello to all, As lot of users of prestashop 1.5.3, I couldn't order my categories as I wanted. Lately, I found a way that helped me to set the position of my categories as I wanted. I disabled all my categories. I set the categories in the position I wanted them And I re-enabled them and it worked Thank you for your time…
  2. Hello, I am trying to add a new field in AdminEmployeesController.php, so I can add the employee's country. I have already add a new column in my database and I add the following code to AdminEmployeesController.php: $this->fields_list = array( 'id_employee' => array('title' => $this->l('ID'), 'align' => 'center', 'width' => 25), 'lastname' => array('title' => $this->l('Last name'), 'width' => 'auto'), 'firstname' => array('title' => $this->l('First name'), 'width' => 130), 'email' => array('title' => $this->l('E-mail address'), 'width' => 180), 'profile' => array('title' => $this->l('Profile'), 'width' => 90, 'type' => 'select', 'list' => $this->profiles_array, 'filter_key' => 'pl!name'), 'active' => array('title' => $this->l('Can log in'), 'align' => 'center', 'active' => 'status', 'type' => 'bool', 'width' => 30), ----------> 'country' => array('title' => $this->l('Country'), 'width' => 3), ); And $this->fields_form = array( 'legend' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Employees'), 'image' => '../img/admin/nav-user.gif' ), 'input' => array( array( 'type' => 'text', 'label' => $this->l('Country:'), 'name' => 'country', 'size' => 3, 'required' => true ), When I add a new employee using admin panel, in database column "country" nothing is written. What am I doing wrong? Thank you...!
  3. Hello, If i want to fix only the index page to be 700px or bigger and remove the left and right, is it posible? Thanks
  4. This is my page if even one right bloch is enabled And this is my site if I remove the right blocks
  5. the site is now online yet, is on a local server... I don't know if a screenshot whould help you.
  6. Hello to all, I'm new in prestashop and i'm trying to make some changes but I need some help, please. So, I have disabled all modules in left and right side of my site but the content floats left. How can I but the homepage content in the center of my site? Thank you for your time...
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