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  1. I'm not 100% sure i understand what you mean, but what is stopping you from adding javascript at the end of the body or inside the head tags? you can find these in the header and footer template files, and i don't quite understand what you mean by point number 1, simply move the javascript/css file into the css/js folder in the theme and point to them in the header footer template files. Isn't that what you want?
  2. Guys, there is a css file attached already, the problem is that the tpl file isn't using the correct way to call it, delete the first line in the .tpl file and add this <link href="{$module_dir}productsalsobuy.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" />
  3. Those javascripts are all necessary and have to be where they are, they shouldn't slow anything down though because they aren't being called by anything immediately. The only ones you can move are the messagejgrowl and productrating scripts, open your footer.tpl and put them there (unless they're required at the top).
  4. I do have version 1.2.4, and the fact that it slides means its all working, all you need to do now is open the .tpl file and put the url of each image in the lines that have urls of images (the reason they don't appear is because the slide is looking in the place that the .tpl is telling it, you don't have the same image names or in the same folders, so you need to adjust it to make it show your images)
  5. you have to put one of those lines for each category and obviously adjust the number and name. You also need to delete the category line that was already there.
  6. hey guys, unfortunately i dropped doing this module, internet explorer was being a bit weird and i decided to stop working on it because i found this one http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/28617/modules___development/module_slideshow This slider is very nice and professional, it's simpler but i think that makes it even better. It works on old and new browsers.
  7. I've changed the categories to not have numbers, but currently, the only way to do it is to rewrite the url for each category individually. i.e. RewriteRule ^whatevernameyouwant()$ category.php?id_category=1 [QSA,L,E] RewriteRule ^whatevernameyouwant()$ category.php?id_category=2 [QSA,L,E] Hopefully they will make it easier to change the way the urls are re-written, because you currently have to do it all manually if you want it without id's.
  8. But there is an "also bought" module already installed in the download, the module dir is called productcategory i think. And there are modules to display random products, i can't remember if it comes with the default install, but it definitely exists, so use the search to find it.
  9. Javascript is definitely required, javascript makes everything possible. http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp 97% of people have javascript turned on, so it's fine anyway.
  10. patience guys, asking or starting these threads won't rush anything, just be patient, new version will come sooner or later.
  11. Replied pm. I was wrong and I am very sorry for assuming something incorrect. Please accept my apologies. Coal, i think this what you're after. http://www.prestamodules.com/prestashop/73-sage-tradebox-export-orders.html
  12. You should all learn about url hooks. instead of /modules/carousel/make_slides.php use {$module_dir}make_slides.php That will automatically insert the url of the module folder. So it doesn't matter if it's local host or live, it'll detect it accordingly.
  13. I can't imagine how that could work? Why don't you use photoshop? make your own flyers. Google photoshop effect tutorials to make it professional looking.
  14. Code it manually, much more professional looking and you make it do what you want. If you don't know how, google horizontal navigation bars in css, pick the one you like, you'll get html code and simply paste it into the header.tpl whereever you want it. To have it in the left column you'd have to edit an already made category module to only show some categories.
  15. I tried using oscommerce but it felt so primitive, i was between presta, opencart and magento. Decided on presta because it was nearly everything i wanted. Opencart looked good but the community was much smaller than presta and that put me off it.
  16. Agreed. I fail to understand why there aren't people from the official coding team helping people with problems here. Many many questions never get answered and disappear from the first page of the forum. And they obviously know the answer as they made the software..
  17. 1- do you mean during registration? you can do anything you want really, for someone as specific as that you'd have to manually code it yourself, which isn't very difficult. 2- You can have attribute combinations, so something along those lines is possible 3- yes, someone released a guest checkout but is charging 35euro for it. Someone else is going to release a free version of it within the next few weeks.
  18. I see. Can you share the website where you integrated this module? I just want to see it in action. Thanks.
  19. The reason for that is because there's a setting in preferences -> products -> Number of days during which the product is considered 'new'. The default is 20 days, that's why they've dissapeared. Simply change this setting to 300 or whatever you want.
  20. The presta team should set some official rules for people who are selling software for prestashop, to make it more fair for everyone.
  21. What do you mean? RSS news feed? if so, you can easily do that by adding a rss widget.
  22. I'm fairly sure you can't have the cart working outside of the root directory of it, if you want the shopping cart outside of 'store', you need to install it outside of 'store'.
  23. from 1.1 to 1.2.4 has loads of bug fixes and important sql fixes. Don't be silly and upgrade.
  24. Thanks mate, i was going to do something similar soon (joke of the week), so this has saved me some time, thanks!
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