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  1. same to me... I want to test prestashop 1.5 with my present DB, but it is imposible. After 1 click upgrade modules page is white, also website is white
  2. I also made the upgrade from 1.4.9 and I can't see front office, modules, product pages and so on... Upgrading isn't a solution it seems...
  3. Hi all, someone posted this link here: http://www.lampadaribartalini.it/luce-illuminazione-vendita-online/5-lampade-da-tavolo Anybody know where I can find a category block like that? (left column) I am in search on a good category block...
  4. <div id="subcategories"> <h3>{l s='Subcategories'}</h3> <ul class="list"> {foreach from=$subcategories item=subcategory} <li> <a href="{$link->getCategoryLink($subcategory.id_category, $subcategory.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{$subcategory.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"> {if $subcategory.id_image} <img src="{$link->getCatImageLink($subcategory.link_rewrite, $subcategory.id_image, 'Subcat')}" alt="" width="{$SubcatSize.width}" height="{$SubcatSize.height}" /> {else} <img src="{$img_cat_dir}default-Subcat.jpg" alt="" width="{$SubcatSize.width}" height="{$SubcatSize.height}" /> {/if} </a> <a href="{$link->getCategoryLink($subcategory.id_category, $subcategory.link_rewrite)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$subcategory.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a> </li> {/foreach} </ul>
  5. I also got this message at upgrading prestashop: SET NAMES 'utf8' ALTER TABLE `ps_feature_product` ADD INDEX `id_product`(`id_product`) SET NAMES 'utf8' SET NAMES 'utf8' Is it a problem?
  6. I need a custom form for checkout: I want a "Instant Checkout" form with only this information: First name: Last Name: Company : (optional) Adress: Zip code: (optional ! NOT REQUIRED) Phone: Additional info: ( optional) Confirmation is this posible? I managed to delete the spaces in php files, but don't know how to change the required condition.
  7. I sent message to developer, hopefully it will be fixed. site:prestashop.com [your issue here] searching here is worse, all I see is Presta ChangeLogs
  8. Sorry about that, I tought the theme might come in handy in helping me.
  9. another thing I didn't manage to do is modify the Instant Checkout form like this: First name: Last Name: Company : (optional) Adress: Zip code: (optional ! NOT REQUIRED) Phone: Additional info: ( optional) Confirmation This forum is very confusing when you start searching
  10. from official prestashop website http://addons.prestashop.com/en/high-tech/4660-Electronic-Store.html
  11. Hello everybody. I am a new presta user and finaly I got a theme that I like. I have a few problems with it now... please if you got some time help me out. Got problem with page product listing and validation of payment button ( which is totaly white like in the photo ). Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi, I want to use this theme as well. Also have a problem ... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/337/elizone.jpg/ Can someone please tell me how I fix the Product pages (scrool -can be seen in the photo) ??? site url is: www.mobila-fitness.ro
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