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  1. Ok managed to find it here: http://addons.prestashop.com/nl/neutral/3337-prestashop-template-15.html However i can't manage to install it, it doesn't have an install manual attached like the description says
  2. I don't understand, if i go to the FRONTOFFICE DEMO here: http://demo-store.pr...p.com/en/1-home it looks like a 1.5 theme .. But if i go to the BACKOFFICE DEMO, at the footer it says: PrestaShop™ Can somebody please enlighten me? Does the DEMO store runs v1.4 with the default v1.5 theme? I'm about to start a new shop and i'm not sure on which version should i start the development. Thanks!
  3. The only issue i'm experiencing is the AJAX cart not working anymore with this skin Anyway to fix this? Thank you! Edit: just reinstalled and added the theme, everything works now!
  4. Okay now this is weird. On my local copy running on XAMPP, module is working just fine, changing prices. The exact files on my online version leave the prices unchanged, although no errors are reported. Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. I attach fixed massupdate.php It also fixes the bug with duplicate product at the bottom of the list and the bug with not displaying list (cheers saikat ). Tested on 1.3.7 final. Still getting PARSE ERROR on 1.3.7 final edit: sorry just read the tags post, will update the tags
  6. The AJAX cart hides the "0" when the cart is empty. I want it to display "Products: 0" like it normally does when there ARE products in the cart. Any idea where the code line is for this? I dug ajax-cart.js but no success... Thanks! edit: Okay found it, comment lines 531,532,533 contained in the else else { // $('.ajax_cart_quantity:visible, .ajax_cart_product_txt_s:visible, .ajax_cart_product_txt:visible, .ajax_cart_total:visible').fadeOut('slow', function(){ // $('.ajax_cart_no_product:hidden').fadeIn('slow'); // }); }
  7. Ignore my last post, i didn't get it the first time But i'm having a big issue, the IF statements work while browsing categories but don't work while looking at a product page, just noticed this and it's a big problem .. any clue ? Help please ! it seems like i need to also get the Parent_ID of the product?
  8. Well i guess that's complicated? If only the tutorial from Rocky's website would have worked for me
  9. <html> <body> <? include_once('catalog/config/settings.inc.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/Cookie.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/ObjectModel.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/Db.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/SubDomain.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/Blowfish.php'); $cookie = new Cookie('ps'); ?> <? echo $cookie->customer_lastname;?> </body> </html> After including everything where i got error, i don't get anymore errors but ECHO won't display anything
  10. I also tried this after reading http://www.nethercottconstructions.com/content/28-prestashop-cookie-structure <? include_once('catalog/config/settings.inc.php'); include_once('catalog/classes/Cookie.php'); $cookie = new Cookie('ps'); ?> but i get: Fatal error: Class 'SubDomain' not found in /home/profsh/public_html/tertia.ro/catalog/classes/Cookie.php on line 75
  11. Thanks for the reply, i tried this: <? include ('catalog/init.php'); ?> Doesn't seem to work, i get black page. If include would work, would i be able to use smarty code outside Prestashops install dir ? Something like this: {if $logged} {$cookie->customer_lastname} {$cookie->customer_firstname|substr:0:1}. {/if}
  12. I'm having the following structure on my website: root --file.php ----- /prestashop ------ prestashop files here Can i somehow include informations from Prestashop in my "file.php" that sits outside prestashops install dir and has nothing to do with the Prestashop install? I only want to show if user is logged in/out ,and maybe cart total ... Maybe including <header.php> or something? Thanks in advance for all the help!
  13. Thanks very much for the help rocky, your method seems to detect PARENT minus 1 level though. I'm having the following structure: Home > Parent category (id=44) > Subcategory (id=45) > Subcategory1 (id=45) > PRODUCT This works: {if $id_parent == 45} text here {/if} Hower this: {if $id_parent == 44} text here {/if} doesn't work. Any ideas how can i detect a level up? Next time i'm having balance in my PayPal account i'm going to donate at the "donate" link in your site for all the help you provide over here, you should put a "donate" link in your sig though, you deseve it!
  14. I have been searching the forum up and down but i couldn't get any solution working.. I'm trying to display different HTML code in "header.tpl" depending of the parent category i'm in, this should work for both subcategories pages and product pages.. Ideally i need something along this lines: {if $category == 37}HTML info 1 {elseif $category == 45}HTML info 2 {else}default HTML info{/if} where $category is the Parent ID of the subcategory/product page i'm currently browsing. Can this be done? Many many thanks in advance.
  15. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks a lot man, helpful as always!
  16. Yes, but i'm not talking about Categories access. I'm talking about the universal header.tpl file. I want to find out if there's smarty/php query to hide part of the HTML code to other groups except Group number 2 for example.
  17. Is there a way to hide a part of HTML code from header.tpl from the general population? So that only a certain User GROUP can see it? I want to hide the links to the restricted product categories from the general visitors. Thanks in advance!
  18. A while ago i added a new field in Account details labelled "CNPJ". How can i grab this detail and add it to new_order.html ? {cnpj} doesn't work. Thanks!
  19. Looks like i have the exact same problem. The contact-form.php works fine, but Mail Alerts won't send anything. Update: I SOLVED the problem... the problem was that the Module installation did not create the new lang directory in "mailalerts/mails/" , even though the permissions were set right. So i duplicated the EN folder via FTP, renamed it in my current lang (RO) and it works!
  20. Anybody knows why i don't recieve NEW ORDER notifications? "Mail alerts" module is installed and configured, but nothing cames through. Mails sent through contact-form.php arrive. Update: I SOLVED the problem... the problem was that the Module installation did not create the new lang directory in "mailalerts/mails/" , even though the permissions were set right. So i duplicated the EN folder via FTP, renamed it in my current lang (RO) and it works!
  21. Thanks, but it doesn't work..i tried that before and i tried it again now, but still nothing.
  22. I'm having a small problem with the order.php file. I managed to add thickbox on all my required pages, excepting the FIRST STEP of the order page. When the card has products in it, on the order.php page that displays the cart's content, Thickbox doesn't work. I tried a whole bunch of combinations for adding that $css_files = array(__PS_BASE_URI__.'css/thickbox.css' => 'all'); $js_files = array(__PS_BASE_URI__.'js/jquery/thickbox-modified.js'); in order.php , but it seems i can only get it to work on the other steps. The rest was easy, because order.php contained: /* * Manage address */ function processAddress() ..... so i knew where to add that code. But for the first step that dispalys cart total, i'm unable to make it work. Help please?
  23. Thanks a lot rocky, i tried myself a couple ideas but the problem was that i made changes only in the .tpl files, i had no idea about the PHP files. Thanks again, works!
  24. How can i do this? I want to use Thickbox on all of my Prestashop pages (to display some text info), but in default it only appears on Product Info Pages. Thanks.
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