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  1. i have add the code at bottom category.tpl {if $category->id eq 4 } {assign var='view' value='list'} {elseif $category->id eq 8 } {assign var='view' value='grid'} {elseif} {assign var='view' value='grid'} {/if} And in product list tpl <ul{if isset($id) && $id} id="{$id}"{else} id="product_list"{/if} class="product_list row{if isset($class) && $class} {$class}{/if}"> I have version prestashop for test I am error This page isn’t workingHTTP ERROR 500
  2. You are my Hero Is there a way to Freeze/Disable Add to cart button for Non Logged in customer and to show message please login to Add to cart. I know there is free module which hide price and add to cart button. I do not want to hide price for product having price greater than zero (0). Need to show price but disable add to cart button
  3. How to hide price Price when Price is 0.00 of product in prestashop default theme 1.6.1.x on product page and quick view window.
  4. Thanks for your reply can please tell me little more where to paste code in product-list.tpl and where and who to add Ids of category which needs to shown as list view.
  5. How to show some category in grid view and some as list view in prestashop 1.6.1.x
  6. Hi there, Why Beta is there any problem with the version. Can this version be used for production of live site or this is only for test site
  7. I have seen some website with slider where words fly from left to right or drop from to up to down on slide. Is it possible with this?
  8. 1) Do you have demo? 2) Can we do CSV import for listing and category 3) Can category be show in menu bar Like Business Directory (Partent menu) sub menu sub menu sub menu sub menu
  9. This need to have Google recaptch to make it safer
  10. 1) Does Red Label Change discount with change in attribute for e.g If L has 5% discount and customer choose S which has 10% discount will Red Label box show 10% discount in Red Label box and if M has no Discount and customer choose M will Red Label box disappear . In short Does Numerical of discount percent change in Red Label box with change in attribute and discount associated with them. I have attached a screen shot with this post for question 2) If Yes. Can you please provide example of this on your demo site.
  11. Thank you for your reply I will try this.
  12. In customer registration there is a message ** You must register at least one phone number. How can I add similar kind of message under country dropdown in customer registration form which file and where in file this message need to added and how? I need to add message in red colour just like above
  13. Out of all feature listed above which feature available in free module
  14. can this script do 1) bulk edit of attribute and combination 2) Can it add or delete attribute and combination from product in bulk or to single product
  15. hello nemo, can please add the link to module for ps 1.5. Thanks in advance.
  16. Same with me I am using prestshop I have no hyperlink for New question. Till I answer randomly hyperlink only created after answer. In stat
  17. This is a very good module. I have one small problem. I have installed this module I have 5 product with same name Cleaning brush. 1)Customer ask a question 2) Module display question for cleaning brush 3) How to find which cleaning brush out of 5. Link to product product page is not provided or image or ref product 4)Randomly answersed 5) came to know after answering question in diplomatic way without knowing which Cleaning Brush customer is asking question for after answering link is provided in stats section 6)Need Help- How to get link to product page before answering the question. So proper ans can be provided to customer by knowing exactly for which product question has been asked out of 5 cleaning brush Or am I missing something please guide. I just need know exactly for which product question is for
  18. Can we apply specific pricing discount based on group for products and category e.g 1) for Product A to M I need to give 10% discount to group A , 20% disocunt to group B and 30 discount group C 2 ) For Category J and K I need to give 10% discount to group A , 20% disocunt to group B and 30 discount group c 3) Last but Important Can I apply 30% discount for multiple product (A to M) Or multiple Category (J and K) for Group X, Group Y and Group Z in one click. Do you have a online demo or youtube video.
  19. How to fade out Hot info bar after 2 mins ?
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