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  1. Hi, Does anyone know a hack or modification that will allow me to exclude certain categories or products from receiving Loyalty Points? Thanks :-)
  2. Does anyone know how to fix the Creditcard Information block on the AdminOrders page? It's hooking right above Shipping information and causing a large gap above the first column. I'd much rather it appear underneath Order Details in the second column. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am looking for someone who can create a payment module for eWay Australia. eWay UK already has a PrestaShop module available at http://www.eway.co.uk/Developer/CartsAndApps/PrestaShop-Integrated-Payment-Service-Provider.aspx However, eWay Australia doesn't. For information about eWay Australia's Gateway URLs, see: http://www.eway.com.au/Developer/Testing/testing.aspx If you wish to compare it with eWay UK, see: http://www.eway.co.uk/Developer/Testing/testing.aspx It seems like there are slight variations with the way eWay Australia and eWay UK's gateways work. I've tested the eWay UK module for PrestaShop 1.2.4 and it works, but only for eWay UK. I just need someone to adapt it to work for eWay Australia. Please PM me if you can do this work and provide me with a quote as well as information on your past work, website, etc. Payment will be submitted via PayPal. Thanks!
  4. Oops - one more thing I forgot to change. How do I change the address layout on the history.php page when viewing a past order's details? Editing history.tpl doesn't seem to affect anything. Thanks :-)
  5. Ok, I think I've fixed everything. The problem with the address.tpl file was that I had stupidly typed $suburb->suburb instead of $address->suburb. This fixed it: {l s='Suburb'} <input type="text" id="suburb" name="suburb" value="{if isset($smarty.post.suburb)}{$smarty.post.suburb}{else}{$address->suburb|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}{/if}"/> The other problem with inconsistent address formatting appearing on the order.php page seemed to fix itself when I logged out, created a new user account and started the checkout process again. Thanks for your help and patience jhnstcks!
  6. Ok, I've worked out that shopping-cart.tpl controls what is shown on the first stage of the checkout process at order.php However, it doesn't like the code {$delivery->suburb|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} The HTML output is simple with no closing or suburb name. How can I fix this? When I am done with this, I will write up a guide to completely modifying the address display. Thanks.
  7. Hi jhnstcks, thanks for your quick response. I added public $suburb; under public $id_customer = NULL; and $fields['suburb'] = pSQL($this->suburb); under $fields['date_upd'] = pSQL($this->date_upd); in the address.php when I made the edits in the UK address format instructions. I followed all instructions in that thread, but replaced county with suburb. Do you have any other ideas where I should look? Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I've been having a lot of trouble customising the address type in Prestashop to Australian standards. I wish PrestaShop would offer more control over this. Anyway, so far I've followed the instructions posted in http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/18112/, have added a new 'suburb' field to the ps_address table in the database, and through a few template modifications and tweaks of the order-address.js file, have the address displaying perfectly on order.php?step=1 However, I still have to fix address display on the following pages: 1. The order summary page at order.php - (BTW by default the address display is inconsistent on this page and shows surname before first name). 2. The order details page at history.php Does anyone know what files to edit to alter the address display on those pages? Finally, I have a new 'Suburb' field appearing on address.php?id_address=7 using the following code: {l s='Suburb'} <input type="text" id="suburb" name="suburb" value="{if isset($smarty.post.suburb)}{$smarty.post.suburb}{else}{$suburb->suburb|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}{/if}"/> This field saves to the database perfectly and the suburb field shows on order.php?step=1, but for some reason, when I load the address.php?id_address=7 page, the suburb field appears blank (unlike the other field for name, address, etc.). I think it has something to do with the code: value="{if isset($smarty.post.suburb)}{$smarty.post.suburb}{else}{$suburb->suburb|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}{/if}" because when I view source, value appears as value="". Does anyone know how to get the suburb field to appear pre-filled when the edit address details page is displayed? Thanks, I hope I've made sense.
  9. Hi, For some reason, the cart only shows a shipping cost (including the handling cost) when the registered user has the default country set as their address. Other times it only shows the handling cost. For example, my default country is Australia. For non-registered users and registered users with an Australian address, the shipping cost in the cart shows as shipping cost + handling cost. However, for registered users with a non-Australian address, only the handling cost shows. However, the correct shipping cost + handling cost does show when they go through the checkout procedure. How can I fix it so that the correct shipping + handling cost appears in the cart for non-Australian users? It's a bit misleading for international users the way it is. Thanks in advance!
  10. Sorry, I fixed this problem by setting Australia as my default shipping country under Shipping. Thanks for reading though :-)
  11. My shop is based in Australia but also ships internationally. By law, all prices shown on the site must include tax (GST) in the product price. This tax only applies to Australian orders; international orders don't pay tax. The majority of my customers are from Australia, and I need to set the website to display product prices with tax by default for all users (or unregistered users). Only if they choose a non-Australian address when they checkout should they see their prices without tax. I have: * Removed Australia from the Oceania zone. * Created a new zone called 'Australia'. * Edited the Australia 'country' to appear under the Australia zone. * Created a tax called 'GST' of 10% and applied it to the Australia zone. I have also enabled tax. Now matter what I do, I can't get prices to show with 10% GST, even though I've set up the product prices correctly (e.g. Pre-Tax price $10, Tax: GST (10%), Retail price with tax: $11). Even when I set Price display to 'Both excluded and included tax', the product on the front-end shows as: $10 tax incl. $10 tax excl. It should be $11 tax incl. , $10 tax excl. Can someone please help me? I had this all under control with osCommerce. Thanks in advance!
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