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  1. Thanks for your reply but Is it really that difficult? coming from a woocommerce background it was just a matter of a checkbox to activate it. I am just looking for a way that an attribute could be created just for order information, no stock management. I think I am not specific as you mentioned. There are plenty of sites for handmade stuff that let you customize products (ex: a shoe with pink laces, a shirt with red thread, etc)
  2. Hello Albikom, Sorry for not speaking french first. I am trying to implement your code but I don't know what to put on product-list.tpl because I am not getting any image loaded. If there any way you could guide me on this one?
  3. did you find an answer to this question? I am facing the same sort of problem. thanks
  4. Hi guys, let me start with a big thank you for reading my post. I have the following issue: I am currently customizing a prestashop theme for my handmade footwear website. I have three basic models and they come on different sizes. I have created attributes and values so people can choose the correct size and added the corresponding stock but now here comes the problem. People should be able to choose the size but they should also be able to customize the shoe by selecting different colours for the shoe laces. How can I achieve that? I want the stock to be controlled by sizes and not by the laces if you know what I mean. It should only be a selectable feature with a picture preview of the shoe with the chosen colour of laces. I have tried customization but there is a text field option which is not that UX friendly. Please help me or at least guide me to a place where I can read and implement (I am a fast learner). Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, could you confirm whether you found a real answer for this?
  6. AYAKUSHIN I have to say that your code works like charm on my site but I have a little question about it. I am not a programmer/coder/scripter guy at all and I would like to know how you would modify it to do the following. I am putting together a website selling shoes and your colors script works beautifully but I would also like to show and another available attributes that I have like the shoe size on the product-list.tpl. My attribute group is called 'size' and the values are EU shoe sizes. I have tried a sort of mix-and-match copy-paste code that doesn't work at all because although I can sort of understand it I have no clue about the logic behind smarty and prestashop (my old days with Wordpress seems to be a lot clearer) Thanks in advance
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