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  1. Thanks for reply. I have cleaned cache and regenerate the images. It is still sale same. I have found out this issue: At production shop, this link works: http://www.selebritee.com.au/503-large/red-tube-dress-clubwear-with-open-holes-at-front-and-back-.jpg At testing shop, I got 500 error from this linke: http://staging.selebritee.com.au/503-large/red-tube-dress-clubwear-with-open-holes-at-front-and-back-.jpg I think it may be caused by incorrect .htaccess file configuration. Below is my setting in this file: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^staging.selebritee.com.au$ Anyone could help me with this please? Thanks
  2. Following this tips http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/271082-upgrade-tips/ to crate a test site before upgrade my shop to PS 1.6 However, the test site can't display categories and products. I have turned the debug on. Could someone kindly help me with this issue please? My test shop is here: http://staging.selebritee.com.au/ Thanks
  3. Thank you so much for your help. I have turned the error message on. Please check. Thanks
  4. Could someone help with this issue? I am really appropriated. Thanks
  5. It was fixed. I forgot to change the shop url to staging.selebritee.com.au However, I got new issues on the staging site, categories products are not displayed. Please help My staging site is: http://staging.selebritee.com.au
  6. Just try to upgrade my shop from PS 1.5.6 to PS.1.6. Read a post on this forum and someone gave a good tip: create a sub-domain name and make a staging site. Try to upgrade the staging site to 1.6 first and play on it. Once make sure everything is fine and then upgrade production shop. I followed this tip and created a staging site. Copied all files from production. I duplicated the database for staging and changed staging site setting file and so it is pointing to my staging db. I looks all good, I can logon my staging site admin. However, when I try to access my shop and it redirect me to production shop. Please kindly help and I may forgot to change something else on setting files. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for reply. I didn't install your module. What I did was trying to create a 'track' page by following your article: http://aftership.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/268687 I did insert the code into my header page as well as insert the code into the "track" page. I did exactly what is required. Please help.
  8. I love your idea but it doesn't work for me. My shop version is 1.4.11 and I followed your instruction to add the track button. However, I can see the button at all. Here is my track page: http://www.lovestation.com.au/content/20-track Please help. Thanks!
  9. thanks for reply. theme was working for long time and the issue was just happend.
  10. I tried and it doesn't work. After I delete this one, and the error shows another module is in trouble, and so on. I can't delete all modules. Does anyone have idea please? Thanks
  11. My ship version is 1.5.4 When I open my shop http://www.selebritee.com.au, it has shop logo only and message: "Oops, something went wrong.Try to refresh this page or feel free to contact us if the problem persists." Try to log on back office, I got a warning message: The following module(s) could not be loaded: [lofadvancecustom] Error found in config file: failed to load external entity "/home/hotlinge/public_html/themes//config.xml" The login window is displayed correct. However, when I try to login, I got a message says "The Employee does not exist, or the password provided is incorrect". I am sure the email address and password is correct. Could you please help and it is urgent! Thank you very much!
  12. My shop is v1.4.11 and could you please kindly let me know how do you integrate 1.4 with JAM? I found this info from jam website http://jam.jrox.com/kb/article/integration-with-prestashop-14 but I could not find the place I can place the code to. Thanks
  13. [solved]: Removed the module from my shop and upload the data file script from shopmania, it works perfectly!
  14. Hi vekia, Could you please kidly help me with this issue please? Thanks
  15. my shop is v1.4.11 and datafeed URL is: http://www.lovestation.com.au/modules/shopmania/products.php?taxes=on&image=on Thanks
  16. My shop is v1.4.11 and the datafeed URL is: http://www.lovestation.com.au/modules/shopmania/products.php?taxes=on&image=on Thanks
  17. First of all, thank you so much for sharing the module. I have installed the module and following the instruction to submit the product feed. However, I received a email from shopmania and said the datafeed can't be approved. Below is the email I have received: Unfortunately we were not able to approve your merchant datafeed at this time. Rejection reason: There is no line separator in your datafeed. Please make sure to include a newline (\n) after each product line. Once you correct the problems, we will review your datafeed, activate your products and start driving traffic to your website. If you are unsure how to get this problem solved, please let me know and I'll be glad to help. Please help me for fix the issue. Thank you so much!
  18. Thank you so much for reply. I realy don't like third party service but I will have a look at idevaffiliate.
  19. I had a look at your affiliate module. It is good but not exactly I am after. I have made a job offer here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/282139-job-offer-affiliate-module/ If you are intersted to customize your module for me. Please let me know. Thanks
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