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  1. So what's the problem with my backend? Are you sure that this issue is only from template files? Is it good idea to replace them with untouched? But for sure noone changed any file from ftp. I have months to change something. It is so strange!! That's why I have some suspicions for Store Manager
  2. How to verify? For sure I haven't touched the ftp for months ago. The only tool that have access to the ftp is Prestashop Store Manager by Emagicone! Is it good idea to try to replace some backoffce files with some original untouched files?
  3. For a strange reason today I see a serrious problem in backoffice. I have months ago to change anything of the files of my FTP. The only suspicion that I have is the Store Manager from eMagicOne. That is the only tool that I am using everyday and maybe something did in the core. See please the screenshoots When I click Quantities http://prntscr.com/9ozh53 When I click SEO http://prntscr.com/9ozjti When I click Links http://prntscr.com/9ozk7y When I click Images http://prntscr.com/9ozkj5 What is going on?? :(
  4. Hi, When I cancel an order why it doesn't increase the quantity? It is very annoying to must increase the stock for each product manualy. Is it something that I don't understand?
  5. Simplier and easy Warehouses!!! It is a nightmare the warehouse feature right now. As simple is to update products stock without advanced stock managment make it the same simple with warehouses. For example in the admin panel when we edit a product at the tab Quantities if we have warehouses to show there and let as to write stock for each warehouse. Advanced stock managment is a nightmare.... I don't want to have supliers... I don't want to make my life difficult when I must change the stock of a product. It is so easy if we don't have advanced stock managment feuture. But without this we cannot have warehouses. Make it better please
  6. 1 website-eshop 2 or more phyisical stores Multi store is ok if you have more 2 website and 2 physical stores. I want to have ONLY 1 eshop and 2 or more physical stores - warehouses. I see that advanced stock managment works for what I want... I can have 2 warehouses (physical shops) and it has different stock for easy warehouse. But it is so difficult in usage that I don't want it. It is very complicated the way that you can change stock!! It work with very strange way :(
  7. When a costumer try to add quantity of a product more than that stock it doesn't show no warning message and it doesn't add anything. What's is going wrong? I think that it must show warning message something like "The quantity that you ask there isn't in stock.. We have stock only X quantity" Check a product... http://www.musclebody.gr/ydatanthrakas/161-phd-waxy-vol.html?search_query=waxy&results=1 I have stock 5 products.. If I am adding 1-5 it adds them... 6 or more no response...
  8. http://prntscr.com/5xn65d How can I send cross selling under main description? I don't find something at hooks? So how can I change it?
  9. El Patron it is on FALSE Eolia my hosting company said me too about this http://www.musclebody.gr/undefined?1420576969210 that is called each time and it is a 404 page and maybe it is the reason that my site is slow but how to fix it? Oh please help me!!
  10. To be sure that the problem wasn't at theme files I replaced all the theme files with the original files. Still nothing.
  11. You mean authentication.tpl from theme that I am running? I just replaced with the original file but nothing change.
  12. When I try to register it don't ask me about address.. I try to finish the order but it shows No Carrier for this zone error.. When I go to edit my address it show me that don't wrote Id_Country. How to to write Id_Country as it doesn't ask it in the form? What is going on guys? I really cannot handle it anymore. How to fix so many problems of 1.6 version?
  13. This problem wasn't there before some days. After some changes I have it. But I don't know what changes... I made a lot of changes in TPL files. But I don't remeber which TPL files... I did changes in manyyyy files.
  14. Vekia there is another problem. With my facebook acount ok it works and the users can connect via fb login. But with other facebook acount it cannot login and it shows only LOGO What else it needs?
  15. When someone try to register in my shop it shows the following wonderfull message! I regret the upgrade to 1.6... I live in a nightmare!! :( TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror
  16. joemartin you are right!! Load time: 1108 ms You'd better run your shop on a toaster Hook processing: 610 ms / 13.77 Mb 47 methods called in 26 modules Memory peak usage: 36.9 Mb With some refreshed it shows Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 8181 of 8192 bytes in /var/www/vhosts/musclebody.gr/httpdocs/classes/cache/CacheFs.php on line 70 And is gettining hook prosecing 4sec! What's that? Also what can I do with Omicron Stylish category module? How can I fix it?
  17. Jesus What the hell is going on :( Load time: 56947 ms You'd better run your shop on a toaster Hook processing: 48916 ms / 19.91 Mb 50 methods called in 27 modules displayHome 10.39 Mb in 42847 ms
  18. Load time: 8197 ms You'd better run your shop on a toaster Execution Load time (ms) config 201 constructor 0 init 96 checkAccess 0 setMedia 28 postProcess 0 initHeader 0 initContent 7243 initFooter 205 display 424 Hook processing: 7500 ms / 19.77 Mb 51 methods called in 27 modules Hook Processing displayHome 10.04 Mb in 6813 ms displayFooter 1.48 Mb in 205 ms displayHeader 6.11 Mb in 170 ms displayHomeTab 0.14 Mb in 150 ms displayTop 1.78 Mb in 124 ms displayTopColumn 0.10 Mb in 27 ms displayNav 0.12 Mb in 10 ms moduleRoutes 0.00 Mb in 0 ms footTab 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayHomeTabContent 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayBanner 0.00 Mb in 0 ms actionDispatcher 0.00 Mb in 0 ms footerAdvt 0.00 Mb in 0 ms actionFrontControllerSetMedia 0.00 Mb in 0 ms DisplayOverrideTemplate 0.00 Mb in 0 ms Memory peak usage: 43.4 Mb Execution Memory (Mb) Total (Mb) config 16.17 16.3 constructor 0.00 16.3 init 5.30 21.6 checkAccess 0.00 21.6 setMedia 0.34 21.9 postProcess 0.00 21.9 initHeader 0.01 21.9 initContent 18.42 40.9 initFooter 1.49 42.0 display 0.79 43.4 Total cache size (in Cache class): 1.92 Mb DB type: DbPDO SQL Queries: 454 queries Time spent querying: 493 ms Included files: 188 Size of included files: 3.13 Mb Globals (> 1 Ko only): 355 Ko _MODULES ≈ 202.3 Ko _LANG ≈ 132.2 Ko _SERVER ≈ 5.7 Ko HTTP_SERVER_VARS ≈ 5.7 Ko _MODULE ≈ 1.8 Ko
  19. I check everything.. Still slow.. I unistalled completely many useless modules. Here are the only modules that I am using.. But what else to disable? Theese modules are working displayHome 5 Πρόσθετα 1 editorial Κειμενογράφος αρχικής σελίδας - v2.5 Μια ενότητα επεξεργασίας κειμένου για την αρχική σας σελίδα. 3 blockomicronsocial Block social - v1.0 Allows you to add extra information about social networks 4 ganalytics Google Analytics - v2.0 Gain clear insights into important metrics about your customers, using Google Analytics 5 omicronCategories Stylish Category Tab on home page - v2.2 Add a block which enables Stylish Category Tab on home page displayHeader 30 Πρόσθετα A hook which allow you to do things in the header of each pages 1 blockmyaccount My Account block - v1.3 Displays a block with links relative to a user's account. 4 blockuserinfo User info block - v0.3 Adds a block that displays information about the customer. 6 homeslider Προβολή διαφανειών εικόνων για την αρχική σας σελίδα - v1.4 Προσθέτει ένα χώρο προβολής διαφανειών εικόνων στην αρχική σας σελίδα. 9 themeconfigurator Ρυθμιστής θέματος - v1.1 Ρυθμίστε τα κύρια στοιχεία του θέματός σας. 12 blockfeaturedfooter Footer Feature Product in Homepage - v1.0 Footer Featured product in Homepage. 14 omicron_themecontroller Omicron controller - v1.0 Theme Customizer 15 blockwishlist Wishlist block - v1.1 Adds a block containing the customer's wishlists. 17 blockomicronnewsletter Omicron Newsletter block - v1.5 Adds a block for newsletter subscription. 18 omicrontags Omicron Tags block - v1.1 Adds a block containing your product tags. 20 omicronsearch Omicron Search block - v1.8 Adds a block with a quick search field. 21 blockcart Καλάθι - v1.5 Adds a block containing the customer's shopping cart. 22 blockcontactinfos Ταμπλό στοιχείων επικοινωνίας - v1.1 Προσθέστε ένα block για να προσθέσετε πληροφορίες σχετικά με την επικοινωνία με το κατάστημα 23 blockcms Ταμπλό CMS - v2.0 Προσθέτει ένα ταμπλό με πολλούς συνδέσμους CMS. 24 socialsharing Κοινοποίηση - v1.2 Εμφανίζει τα κουμπιά κοινοποίησης για κοινωνική δικτύωση (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ και Pinterest) σε κάθε σελίδα προϊόντος. 25 blockcontact Ταμπλό επαφών - v1.3 Σας επιτρέπει να προσθέσετε επιπλέον πληροφορίες για την εξυπηρέτηση πελατών 26 fblogin Facebook Login - v1.2 With this module you can allow your customers to log in with their facebook account. 27 blockomicronsocial Block social - v1.0 Allows you to add extra information about social networks 28 ganalytics Google Analytics - v2.0 Gain clear insights into important metrics about your customers, using Google Analytics 29 editorial Κειμενογράφος αρχικής σελίδας - v2.5 Μια ενότητα επεξεργασίας κειμένου για την αρχική σας σελίδα. 30 productscategory Προιόντα στην ίδια κατηγορία - v1.6 Προσθέτει ένα block στην σελίδα του προϊόντος που εμφανίζει προϊόντα από την ίδια κατηγορία.
  20. From admin panel -> Positions I can see that I have displayTop 15modules displayHeader 57modules displayFooter 14modules I must delete the modules that I don't use from positions or to disable the modules from "modules" page?
  21. Execution Memory (Mb) Total (Mb) config 20.99 21.1 constructor 0.00 21.1 init 4.92 26.3 checkAccess 0.00 26.3 setMedia 0.34 26.5 postProcess 0.00 26.5 initHeader 0.01 26.5 initContent 17.50 44.4 initFooter 1.58 45.7 display 0.78 46.9
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