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  1. Hi Kanary How did you get the list of database queries? I want to optimise my shop as well and want to have a look a my queries. Many thanks!!
  2. I've fixed it woohoo! You said to put {$supplier|print_r} somewhere, so i put it underneath the code. The '1' was near to the 'image not found' where the flag would be. Since the '1' was there, i put it like this '{$supplier->id_country}{$supplier|print_r}', and the flags now show! Thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate it!
  3. Hi Vekia It now shows a '1' near to where i placed the code (this is the ID for English i.e. United Kingdom, well at least i believe so).
  4. Hi Thanks so much for your reply! I added: <img src="{$img_lang_dir}{$supplier->id_country}.jpg"/> , however, the URL fails to pick up the country variable.. e.g. "http://mystore.com/img/l/.jpg" Do you know why? Thanks!
  5. Hi I have a question related to this query. How would i add the suppliers country flag to the product list? When i add the variable to show the country, it shows the country ID. Thanks
  6. Hey Cutecat! Did you manage to do it in the end? I got the same outcome as you but when i did a wildcard redirect from the subdomain to the shop domain the layout returned to normal. You can see through the network tab in the browser that the servers are being used, but there doesn't seem to be any change in page load though.
  7. Hi Did you find out if this is possible? Thanks
  8. Great post! I wish i could try it, but i can't get the product to autocomplete, i.e. i begin typing product names, nothing shows. I just started a post just now, (http://www.prestasho...ccessories-etc/), i'm still trying to find information though and came across this. Do you know why this is happening? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys I'm having an issue. Basically, anywhere where is says 'begin typing product name' (when you do, products in your shop appear allowing you to select them), the feature doesn't work. I have searched several different keywords to try and find a post/solution in the forums and on Google, but i'm not sure how to word it, or if even this is a common issue. Do you know the files that control this feature? I cannot add any accessories, it affects image mapping when selecting products, it affects my mega menu, my blog and news modules, so i really need it fixed. Anyone else having this problem, and anyone know how to fix it? Thank you so much! Edit - upon further reearch, i found that the ID of the feature that is not working is called "product_autocomplete_input".
  10. Hey that's alright, sorry for the late reply by the way. Nope, i didn't manage to solve this. I think i'd probably need to find someone to customise block layered navigation, but this''ll probably be expensive so i'm going to just leave it for now...
  11. Hi I just spent over 1.5 hours trying to get the right column in my theme (i also am using Warehouse), i failed! I copied the code you gave above in red but it seems to delete the left column i have in the homepage, and in the product page when the 'right column' appears is adjacent to the left column (in the area they call the product footer). I tried to change some css (line 58) to the required width, but everything is just not working! Could you please help!! In theme editor i have it set to sidebar on the left. I want there to be a left column (ONLY) on the homepage, and a left AND right column in the product page. I have the same files as you with the same code. Would you be able to send me the files that you changed? By the way, my website is large width (just over 1200px) & responsive... do you think this is why it's not working for me as it does on your non responsive normal width website? Thanks!!!
  12. There are so many posts on this issue and no one seems to be helping... I hope i find a solution.
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