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  1. Sorry for a slight detour but: If I change the link to an external webpage, e.g. <a href="http://www.mypage.com" title="my page"> will that work? Thanks! AMI
  2. Prestaquest... you are WONDERFUL!!! I have my modules back and I can finally go forward with my shop. THANKS!!!!! PS If everything is live I will let you know the url, I am still in maintenance :-)
  3. Thanks for the tip. I gave the Smarty folder 777, but that did not help. It is not that I can use the modules, when I click the tab, I get a white screen with the error lines. So there is no choice of updating or not, I cannot do anything with them and thus..... probably reinstalling again (*sigh*) PS the other errors disappeared, apparently you cannot rename the ADMIN folder yourself anymore, it is done by PS
  4. Just to let other know: I did a complete reinstall and now all is working, but... After clicking the 'Update all' button for the native modules, I get: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module install-1.3.2: Call to undefined method Tools::recurseCopy() Seems that it is getting more difficult to get the new 1.6 to work properly!! Any suggestions?
  5. OK. I did the reinstall, new database etc. Now I can see the dashboard, I can add products but.... I click the 'Update all' button for the modules and I get a white screen with: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module install-1.3.2: Call to undefined method Tools::recurseCopy() Now what????
  6. There is only English... that is what is so weird! And 'of course' I have been following the guide/manual, this is my third shop so I have some 'experience'.... In another thread someone suggested to change my cache folder to 777, did not work either. I imported a sample cvs and they show up, but when I try to change them, I can change their category but not the price... I will probably be reinstalling everything and eat my 5 days of work...
  7. Just tried it and there is no difference in behavior. I imported a test-cvs file with sample products to see if I could change them and I could, except for the price, so that is not helping either. I will have to completeley delete and reinstall I guess...
  8. When I try to add a product, I click on 'Save&Stay' and I get the errors: 2 errors Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category. (And no 'extra' buttons appear in the top bar, as the Manual suggests) If I go to the 'Association' tab and select a category and click 'Save&Stay', I get: This link_rewrite field is required at least in English (English) IF I try to go to the SEO tab and add the name, I get 3 errors: 3 errors This name field is required at least in English (English) Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category. Can someone make sense of this? I am going crazy here!!! Please let me know if you can help by logging into my BO, I will PM the info. Thanks.
  9. This happens to me as well: fresh install on PC in Chrome and in Firefox. I am desperate!! I just finished a 3 day streak of working on the images and now I cannot populate the catalog!!! HELP!
  10. I have the same problem as well! As suggested I uploaded the file through the ftp of my provider and it will show at that point in time. When I then open the BO it still gives me the error and when I check thru Filezilla it is nowhere to be found! What is it I am missing??
  11. Hi all, I am learning each day and would really love to use my contact block for Woopra. Any ideas, suggestions, tips are welcome. Remember, I am a newbie and you need to explain everything to me :-) A
  12. YES!!! It let me in FINALLY!! Now I can get started and get this show on the road
  13. I have been stuck for two days... Entered 'US Central' as time zone. Last desperate try was to change to 'US East' and uncheck the email box and .......... voila I moved onto 'Ready set go, configuration complete. Now let's see if I can log in after changing the admin folder Keep fingers crossed!!
  14. I am in the US, chose 'US' and I have exactly the same problem!! The last screen never 'closed' and when I tried clicking Next again nothing happened. I reset my password but still no access to the admin... HELP
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