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  1. Hello, I need to slightly modify the bahaviour of available_date field to handle pre orders. This is the typical scenario: One product is not available until a certain future date, but I want to allow customers to buy and pay in advance, and then product will be delivered when available from supplier I will only have a limited quantity to sell as pre-order and, after that, when this quantity is over the product is sold out (not possible to buy anymore). The default prestashop behaviour allows me to specify: Availble date: (a future date) Quantity: 0 When Out of stock: Allow Orders This allow buyers to order unlimited products not in stock but available in the future (wrong), instead I need that buyers see a certain quantiy greater than zero, the foreseen date, and buy only no more than the pieces I will receive from supplier. So I need: Availble date: (a future date) Quantity: 15 (for example) When Out of stock: Deny Orders So people see that I can sell, as pre-order, max 15 pieces and when this quantity is over, no more pre-orders are taken. Example: Before the available date the buyer will see: Availability: from 30-06-2014 4 items left to buy as pre-order After the available date the buyer will see: Availability: In Stock 4 items in stock, ready to ship In both cases up to 4 products can be bought, then it is sold out forever. Any hint on which file and how I should modify? Thank you very much in advance!
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