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  1. Problem solved, I am moving back to PrestaShop 1.5.4 What I do wonder is when PrestaShop experts are picking up a problem and when they just leave it like they did with this topic For me it is very unclear when I can use the forum and when not, apperently this is not an issue that attracts any interest from them.
  2. Today we found the following mistake that might cause the problem: /usr/local/www2/propresta3/davilot/ekruiwagnewcache/class_index.php A missing slash before cash Now I have to find out in what config file this goes wrong?
  3. So, unfortunately no solution jet. Considering now a downgrade back to P.S 1.5.4 because my shop is not working at all at the moment. Working in the product catalogue is very difficult and paying in the shop is impossible due to the filemtime error. I hope it is possible to still downgrade to 1.5.4.
  4. Hello kikis, Sorry to hear that you have the same problem on the other hand the more people facing it the earlier we can expect a solution. Today I asked my IT collegue for the problem and his focus is now on the smarty Cache. Unfortunately he will not be in the office anymore today but tomorrow we will continue. I will update this post if we find a solution.
  5. Hello Dh42, Here is a pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/437Z4baZ All I see are some notice and many "filemtime" warnings. Thanks, Constantijn
  6. I am facing the same problem with my PrestaShop But it appears with all payment possibilities, iDeal, Bank Transfer and After payment. I am thinking that the basis of this issue is a slow database connection. I hope someone can provide me with a solution because I don't think that my payment provider TargetPay can solve all the issues since it also appears with other payment options.
  7. Hello, PS In my shop I can order a product. The product is added to the shopping cart so I go to the payment section. Everything works fine a new order is created the payment is done correctly only the order in my backoffice is empty! 0 products odered. What can be the problem? *Update, I made an PHP error log from one order, shall I post it here? it has 550 Excel lines! Thanks in advance, Constantijn
  8. Just found out today what was wrong. It was all the Google Chrome browser. I had more and more problems with PS. Turning on error report did not gave me any errors. At last I tried the shop with the IE browser and suddenly everything worked very fast ( as usual) and without any mistakes. So I cleared the cache and removed all cookies in my Chrome browser and now my whole shop works fine.
  9. That was not my problem, my PS just did not want to save the changes I made. I always work with Google Chrome and now I tried my IE browser and everything worked perfect so I found there was an issue with Chrome. Emptying all cache and cookies in the Chrome browser solved many problems I had lately with my shop
  10. I am having the same problem with my Can't change the date anymore in my statistics module, got stuck on december 8th. Reinstalling does not help.
  11. Hello, My PrestaShop has big trouble adding products and categories. When I add a new product to the shop all works fine except for saving the product. Saving takes very long or the shop get stuck and does not react anymore. The same with categories. Working with modules, CMS or other settings is all fine. Also the shop runs fine! My question is: what tests can I do to find the problem in my PrestaShop? Thanks already for the tips! Constantijn
  12. Hello Nemo1, Just checked your post this morning and started on the issue but it seemd to be all ok right now. The category is gone and the products are gone! Anyhow thanx for the effort you took to help me. Regards, Constantijn
  13. Hello Nemo1 In the category's and by the products at the end of the category or product line there is a button with "delete" Now my order was processed I could delete the category. The category is gone in my list but still in the category menu on the website??? Very strange everything. Also the products are gone from my lists but they still show in the website but if you click on them I get an error message. When I switch on error report I et the following message while deleting another category: Fatal error: Call to a member function isRootCategoryForAShop() on a non-object in /www/propresta3/davilot/ekruiwagnew/controllers/admin/AdminCategoriesController.php on line 709
  14. Hello, My webshop is running Today I received a last order for a specific category in my webshop. Now I want to delete these 2 products and then the whole category. So I tried to delte the category but nothing is happening. I set the category as not to show but the category shows. Then I tried to delete the products and also this does not work. Yes, the pictures disappeared from the products and also the information but the names and the price is still there. See this link: http://shop.ekruiwagen.nl/12-lite I switched of the cache setting and forced the system to compile pages but still no change. Is this because I am still have not closed the last order of this product? (tomorrow the transport company will pick it up and that will be the moment for me to close the order) Or can there be a different reason. Hope someone can help.
  15. EDIT: After typing the topic I found the solution, I switched on everywhere the right column exept for the product page, now I have it exactly as I want it. Hello all, Hopefully I can still use this topic because my problem is exactly as topic starter. I am using P.S. with default-bootstrap theme In this theme I only want three columns on first index page. So in the advanced settings for the default bootstrap theme I selected right column for index page by marking it green. I have HTML box en CMS modules hooked on the right column In the CMS module there are several items selected for the right column Als the HTML box is configured to show in teh right column. Unfortunately..... no right column on index page So what could possibly be my mistake?
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