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  1. yeah that what i want to be able to do how you done that please tell me please
  2. hope you can help i need to move my size button to centre it but need to add another class to my php file and not sure how to do ithere my website page im working on hope you can help http://custom-funky.com/en/music-iconz-t-shirts/114-koolart-mi231-coldplay-t-shirt.html
  3. help please how do you centre this text on my website it driving me mad i know i have to do it in the template but i just cant get them to centre please help website is http://custom-funky.com/en/music-iconz-mugs/411-koolart-mi-105-elvis-presley-pencil-case-personalised-free.html After saving your customized product, remember to add it to your cart. * * required fields £9.50 Quantity : Add to cart
  4. hope you can help when using product combinations generator i set sizes, colour but when i do it i lose conection to my pictures for the diferent colours is there away of doing else i got like 200 product combinations to sort out the colours (picture ) for please help
  5. help downgrade from lastest verson back to now want load past first page of my web site if you click on anythink i just send you back to home page every time how do i fix that my website is www.custom-funky.com
  6. i just update prestashop to the lastest version now i lost all the front end please help my website is www.custom-funky.com also notice in the backend none of my products are in the correct categories
  7. how to stop your size of product been muddle up eg instead of it been 3-4 ,5-6, 7-8 im getting my size drop down box having them like 5-6, 3-4, 7-8 how do i stop it doing please help prestashop verson
  8. yes it is but it doesnt work with ebay uk only ebay france and i use ebay uk
  9. is there a ebid module please help
  10. http://custom-funky.com/en/equestrian-hoodies/486-embroidered-horse-jumping-though-horse-shoe-hoodie.html there you go that take you straight to the hoodies www.custom-funky.com
  11. done that benjamin i only want the price to go up in price when they sellect an adult size it been driving me mad all day is it a fault i got in prestashop if so if i upgrade to 1.5 will it quire the fault
  12. can any one tell me what im doing wrong please PrestaShop™ vesion