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  1. I have a problem with my server provider as they are limiting the file size for upload and refuse to adjust it above 60+mb. I have several files that are around 70 to 112mb and just wondering if there was a way to get these virtual products onto the server either manually or splitting the files into parts through Prestashop 1.75.
  2. That worked thanks for that. I also got an issue where it wouldn't let me log back in at the backend that also rectified when i put the mail.php in the folder. I have a few things showing on the Debug mode (just switched back off). Are these normal?
  3. Thanks for that which folder is the Mail.php to go in? My mistake Classes!
  4. Thanks for that Yama, have switched it on but still struggling with understanding the issue. What is the easiest way to see what is effecting the signup page specifically? (as I need to log out as admin to login as a new user).
  5. Hi when users register at PlaneManuals.com and click submit as a new registration the screen goes blank. The user is created but doesn't return to home screen any ideas? I am fairly new to Prestashop and appreciate any help.
  6. Reply SOLVED IT - What I needed to do was reload the old theme into the Themes folder so it recognised there was an "existing". As it seems when it removed it on the auto update that Prestashop was locked into the original theme I had on 1.4 but it had removed it so couldn't default to the new theme. Now once it recognises your old theme in the backend just go to Preferences>Themes> Advanced Settings (Top right of your theme). Now you will see an option of your old "default" theme or choosing the new default-bootstrap so just swap them over and it will load the new theme and get rid of the bug.
  7. I have the same issue from updating from 1.4 backend works but can't get it to swap out the theme. When you try to change it to the new "default" that came with updating to 1.6 I get this error and it refuses to update to the default theme for 1.6 Duplicate entry '10-0-1' for key 'PRIMARY' INSERT INTO `ps_hook_module` (`id_module`, `id_shop`, `id_hook`, `position`) VALUES (10, 1, 0, 1)
  8. The database didn't send out its password for some reason it wasn't going anywhere. I solved it by taking it from Localhost and shoving it onto a live server and it worked.
  9. Worked a treat for me as well, is this relative to the server software or a bug in Presta?
  10. Appreciate help with this issue I am on a 1.4 version of Prestashop. I have downloaded it to Localhost to do an update and also duplicate the site once its upto date. 1. It has the loop where it tries to go to the online server, I have changed the URL in phpmyAdmin. 2. I cannot access the URL change inside the backend due to it not recognising my password. 3. I can reach the backend by .com/superuser 4. But if I do just the .com it goes online to the main site. 5. Have gone through the process of finding the cookie etc. but it hasn't worked spent 5 hours on this so far. Been through the above steps. 6. Requested new email also doesn't send. Any ideas??
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