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  1. Here is Fix 

    'delete_url' => self::$this->context->link->getAdminLink('AdminModules', false).'&id_cs_blog_post='.$id_cs_blog_post.'&updatecs_blog_post&token='.$this->token.'&deleteimagePost',

    replace with this

    'delete_url' => $this->context->link->getAdminLink('AdminModules', false).'&id_cs_blog_post='.$id_cs_blog_post.'&updatecs_blog_post&token='.$this->token.'&deleteimagePost',

    Just remove "self::"

  2. Kaper dobre si na to isiel ale programator nie si :)


    ma riadok 145 : miesto 



    <SymbolPrevodu>'.$cid['reference'].'</SymbolPrevodu> / alebo $cid['id_order']


    a na riadok 111 : dopln to reference

    SELECT `reference`,`id_customer`, `total_paid`



    Spravim to ako instalovatelny modul aj pre verziu 1.5 a jeho LITE verziu Vam sem vlozim zdarma po novom roku

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  3. Fox for bug on order-opc Prestashop 1.5.x -- Payments to carriers (v. 0.1)





    add on line: 732



    complete function:

    // Term Of Service (TOS)
    $('#cgv').click(function() {
     if ($('#cgv:checked').length != 0)
      var checked = 1;
      var checked = 0;
      type: 'POST',
      url: orderOpcUrl,
      async: true,
      cache: false,
      dataType : "json",
      data: 'ajax=true&method=updateTOSStatusAndGetPayments&checked=' + checked + '&token=' + static_token,
      success: function(json)
    $('#opc_payment_methods-content div#HOOK_PAYMENT').html(json.HOOK_PAYMENT);

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  4. If you want more depth:

    edit category-tree-branch.tpl


    {foreach from=$node.children item=child}
    {if $child.id == $smarty.get.id_category}
     {assign var='childSelected' value='1'}
       {foreach from=$child.children item=child2}
     {if $child2.id == $smarty.get.id_category}
      {assign var='childSelected' value='1'}
        {foreach from=$child2.children item=child3}
      {if $child3.id == $smarty.get.id_category}
       {assign var='childSelected' value='1'}

  5. in AdminProducts.php insert




    <td class="col-left">'.$this->l('new_field:').'</td>

    <td class="translatable">';


    echo ' <div class="lang_3" style="float: left;">

    <input size="55" type="text" id="new_field" name="new_field"

    value="'.$this->getFieldValue($obj, 'new_field').'" />



    echo '





    And in classes/products.php define


    can in line 150



    /** @var string new_field */

    public $new_field;


    Do not change PostProcess() in AdminProducts.php

  6. Zdravím, nevie niekto kde a akím spôsobom sa ukladá nastavenie pdf? v Clercovom prípade je to bod 3. V administrácii nastavite PDF na kódovanie CP1250 a font na arialmt (Natavenia>PDF)

    Potrebujem to videť resp. zmeniť bez administrácie

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