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  1. Sorry. Thought I did that. It's out of maint mode now. Thank you.
  2. Just upgraded and I have all kinds of major layout issues. Hours of work and about ready to scrap Prestashop for something that works. https://mccoystudios.com/onlinestore - The cart button is massively huge and not in the upper-right anymore. - The slider isn't centered and is not properly in the layout anymore. - The promotional slider shows up again in the middle of the home page item list, with part of the second image of the slider displayed under it. - The HOME of the main menu is all by itself, taking up an entire line by itself. - The search field is huge and doesn't seem to be in line with the logo area. Looks like it's not lined up properly. - In general, all the text is huge and I can't figure out how to change the text/font to a more normal size. So many issues -- I have no idea where to start, or just give up and scrap it.
  3. I don't use warehousing. It almost seems like it caches my account. I logged-off then back in, and the shipping started working (mostly). It still shows "free shipping!" in the cart in the upper-right, but when I go to the cart I finally have USPS options. Is there a server cache setting I'm missing? And, it still doesn't add the handling fee. I've added this fee in the carrier, in the settings, etc -- but it never seems to add it.
  4. Is this normal? What is developer mode? And, what security concerns should I have with doing this?
  5. First, where do I set it as my default carrier? Second, they are my only carrier -- so that's not default by default?
  6. This is the URL of the blank page if it helps... https://mccoystudios.com/onlinestore/modules/authorizeaim/validation.php
  7. I just tested my cart and after I entered my credit card and clicked the VALIDATE button, it returns a BLANK page! There is no source HTML for the page. Totally blank, or error. I received an e-mail from my card processing gateway which shows the payment was made, but Prestashop crashed or something. Please help.
  8. I've been screwing with this for over a MONTH now and I'm starting to believe that PrestaShop is junk. My cart doesn't calculate shipping at all. I'm uninstalled the USPS module and reinstalled it several times. I've checked the products, the carriers, etc. I've spent over a month on such a simple thing and haven't had an online store now that entire time! I've posted here and nobody helps. Can anyone else or recommend an e-commerce cart that actually works?
  9. Sorry -- using Where is the "Handling charge to be included in the shipping price" setting? I've been all over that is not a setting I remember at all...
  10. I forgot to add that I can't tell if the shipping for USPS is working properly either. I put a small item in my cart that is only .25 lbs, and an item that is huge and 4 lbs -- and USPS shipping was the same cost. That can't be possible.
  11. I can't get shipping to work properly. The two main issues are (1) SHIPPING > Handling Charge field doesn't ever calculate for orders; and (2) CATALOG > PRODUCTS > (select an item) > SHIPPING > Additional shipping cost (per quantity) never calculates for orders either. I've been working at this for a week and it's like these fields are just dummy fields. I've even gone into MODULES > MODULES > USPS (module) > PRODUCT SETTINGS (tab) and tried to setup an additional charge per item there -- and nothing. - I want all orders to have a flat $ on top of the calculated shipping costs. - I need an additional flat $ per some items that require special shipping (they need special shipping packaging, etc., due to size and they are glass). Any help would be great. Thank you.
  12. I have the same problem. Tried disabling and enabling shippers, changing pricing, adding shipping methods, adding an additional handling charge, etc. No matter what I do, shipping is not calculated. It's like I have some option selected to turn all shipping off??? I've been at this for hours. About time to find a cart that works I guess...
  13. I have the same problem. I enter $25.00 in the "additional shipping cost" field for a product, but it's never calculated in the cart. Anyone out there help on this issue????
  14. I think I found it. I set the system to "catalog" mode and the add to cart buttons are gone. If someone can confirm this is the correct method, I'd appreciate it.
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