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  1. I think that Prestashop needs to stop and think about this. Since 1.5x every update has more and more problems. This is gone out of hand. I really think they need to start over from index.php and go from there.
  2. Errors while upgrading to [ERROR] SQL 1265 in ALTER TABLE `ps_cart` CHANGE `delivery_option` `delivery_option` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL: Data truncated for column 'delivery_option' at row 1 [ERROR] SQL 1265 in ALTER TABLE `ps_cart` CHANGE `delivery_option` `delivery_option` TEXT NOT NULL: Data truncated for column 'delivery_option' at row 1 Warning detected during upgrade. Reported Here: http://forge.prestas...owse/PSCFV-8488
  3. I found a way to resolve this issue. This is caused because after every import, all index is recalculated. Just go to PREFERENCES -> SEARCH and disable INDEXATION. After you import all the files, recalculate the remaining product index. Works on and I have around 7000 products and i use a csv splliter software to break my csv into about 250 lines per file. the import takes no longer than 10 seconds.
  4. If you don´t want to upgrade, just go to "controllers\admin\" rename the existing AdminImportController.php to AdminImportControllerold.php and copy the one from the zip file to that folder, This should fix all import issues. If you have any problems, just delete the new one and rename the AdminImportControllerold.php back to AdminImportController.php
  5. The development version is way more stable that that piece of s.... This should be released as
  6. Download the zip from here and upgrade your store. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/tree/development Don´t forget to backup first.
  7. This is fixed on the development version... but prestashop keeps as a stable version for more than a 1,5 months.. instead of releasing that as a new version. People are downloading and installing the buggy and reporting all error that are already corrected.
  8. I don´t get why Prestashop is not relasing the development versions as, This "stable" version is so buggy that they should be releasing new versions once every week, so people could install a more stable shop and not reporting bugs that are already fixed. This would save time to everyone. Prestashop would not spend time going thru bugs reports that are already fixed and users wouldn´t spend time trying to find solutions for problems already fixed. People would also receive notices of new version on the backoffice and could easily update the stores. Not everyone is capable of upgrading to a development version. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/219917-please-increase-the-release-rate-of-versions-and-subversions/
  9. was released on the last day of December. Many bugs were found, reported and fixed. Why not release a a week after? If so many bugs are being fixed, why keep that bug version as the final one? Just increase the release rate to 1 a week or something like that until 1.5x is more stable. I know you can download the development version, but not everyone knows how to do it, and not everyone follows the forum and are stuck with a defective version. Many of the users use the 1-click upgrade, and until a new version is released, they keep reporting the same bugs over and over, when they are already fixed.
  10. Go to SEARCH and disable INDEXING. After import just go to that page and index the products on the link provided
  11. I love your comment on GitHub I don´t know if they know what "stable" means...
  12. On -Force ID works -Products are all put in "Home" instead of the proper category -Product images are not imported
  13. I have the same problems in a fresh install and on a upgraded multi-store (upgrade 1.5.2) Instead of fixing the existing CSV import problems... they add new ones! "Prestashop... adding new bugs since" should be the new slogan
  14. I have a CSV file that worked on 1.5.2 importing images. On a fresh install of 1.5.3 images are not imported. Anyone having this problem also? I use a relative URL like ../imgimport/file.jpg
  15. Did you ever read the forum rules? I thought this would be known to all members of Prestateam.. If not, i would recommend you to read this. http://www.prestasho...stions-for-use/ How about Prestashop reading the actual bug reports created on the proper place? Great idea no? People use the forum as last resort because their reports are just ignored... but there is a proper place to create them. Want to see a example of ignored problems? http://forge.prestashop.com/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-printable/temp/SearchRequest.html?jqlQuery=project+%3D+PSCFV+AND+%28summary+~+csv+OR+description+~+csv%29+ORDER+BY+updated+DESC&tempMax=5000 CSV Import issues. 1.5x version has 121 issues open. See how many are unassigned or unresolved. See when was the last one closed. And many of the closed ones are "Canceled" or "Won´t fix". Or if you prefer that all bugs reports be created here.. flooding the forum with threads and no means of controlling the bugs itself and the status.... just delete the Bug Tracker...
  16. I did not export them. I imported them from a csv file
  17. Yes.. they are now censoring posts. One of mine was changed and closed. You cannot criticize prestashop. Don´t say bad things about the "great leader". This is becoming North Korea.
  18. Good luck with reports on Forge. I made several about CSV import problems 3 months ago... and no one cares. The priority is not to repair major issues. The priority is to keep the number of issues reported low. So if you create an issue about an translation error or say that "About" is written as "Abot", those issues will be solved in a hurry. In their view.. they solved 20 bugs today.. even if they are the most ridiculous ones. If a bug takes a week to repair.. it gets postponed. I had bugs assigned about CSV Import issues.. and after a month .. they just unassigned them and moved on.
  19. CSV Import is broken on 1.5x. It´s been reported on forge on dozens of ocasions and they just don´t care. Search for CSV http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa? here on 1.5x and see the quantity of reports made and how they where ignored.
  20. I had written this post a while ago http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/196979-prestashop-forge-issue/ The Title was something like this: "What went wrong with prestashop?" I created this because it´s impossible to get help on Forge. Almost every CSV IMPORT problem is being ignored. Evey shitty problem is solved or at least assigned to someone.. but if you search forge for "CSV IMPORT" you will see that there are dozens of issues open and none care about this. Now i noticed that the Title of my post was changed and the topic was blocked. Nice going... blocking and censuring opinions is the right way to fix all the disaster that 1.5x is.
  21. CSV import problems reported on forge for more than 3 months don´t even get a response. Not even a person assigned to them.
  22. ALTER TABLE "ps_address" CHANGE COLUMN "company" "company"VARCHAR( 32 ) NULL COMMENT ''; I think that there is a SPACE missing between "company" and VARCHAR
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