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  1. I have read many posts but none of them are straight forward.. I am having an issue where I created 2 carriers and they ship to different parts ofthe country. Say for examlple Carrier A and B . A works OK from all angles.. Carrier A calculates estimates correctly, Carrier B also estimates correctly but when used to post to the card using estimates calculator, its adds a line as Free Shipping to the cart. How can I solve this. Please help. Anyone..
  2. is the split order issue fixed? I have almost same problem.. my website is www.alhamdfiji.com If you could give a possible give a try and give me a workaround the issue. Thank you
  3. Hi There!.. Good question.. I agree.. Is there any way we could differentiate what warehouse the product was shipped from.. Or simply if we could assign customers to warehouse.
  4. I have been told told that to get Paypal to work is to upgrade my hosting package from shared host to dedicated host.. Not sure if thats true...
  5. How would I get to see if Paypal is supported for my country?
  6. I still cannot get cro job working using all instructions for automati update of currencies.
  7. Yes please someone, could enlighten us how to import or what field to map for Unit and Unit price.
  8. The demo look indeed great.. but can i see in english? with google translate some links dont seem to work and also the backoffice.. I need to understand how to setup items in backoffice for tables in restaurants and apply menus to the table.
  9. Indeed this module looks promising but how to install it and where can we download such module?
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