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  1. About a year ago, I built a Prestashop website for a client. I am now in the process of moving out of the web development space and would like to find a freelancer / agency who would like to take over ongoing support for her website. There has been a bit of custom development to handle drop shipping. She ships out of Canada but has a drop shipper who handles her US orders. I will provide full documentation on what we've built. She's looking for a bit of help presently so I would like to hand it over now. This is primarily a web development / coding job.
  2. Fabien, thanks for replying. I ended up figuring it out. Initially I took the FrontController file from the tutorial (which was causing the problems) but ended up replacing the code with the following: class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore { public function initContent() { $this->process(); if ($this->context->getMobileDevice() == false) { // These hooks aren't used for the mobile theme. // Needed hooks are called in the tpl files. $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'HOOK_HEADER' => Hook::exec('displayHeader'), 'HOOK_TOP' => Hook::exec('displayTop'), 'HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN' => ($this->display_column_left ? Hook::exec('displayLeftColumn') : ''), 'HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN' => ($this->display_column_right ? Hook::exec('displayRightColumn', array('cart' => $this->context->cart)) : ''), 'HOOK_ALLPRODUCTS' => Module::hookExec('allproducts'), )); } else { $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'HOOK_MOBILE_HEADER' => Hook::exec('displayMobileHeader'), )); } } } adding: 'HOOK_ALLPRODUCTS' => Module::hookExec('allproducts'),
  3. What I'm trying to achieve is the following: I create a new hook, add the "featured products on the homepage" module to it and then display it on a specific CMS page using. I've updated the php file in the "featured products on the homepage" to load in my new hook rather than on the homepage. In Prestashop 1.4.x, when I wanted to register a new hook, I followed the steps in this tutorial: http://landofcoder.com/prestashop/guides/how-to-add-new-hook-in-prestashop-14.html All is well and fine in 1.5. I create a new hook, transplant the module into the hook I've created and looks to be working. But when I visit the page that should be displaying the module, I get the following error: Notice: Undefined index: HOOK_ALLPRODUCTS in /var/www/vhosts/yourlogogoeshere.ca/tckl/cache/smarty/compile/dee8cb5cf1a740316c015d6fe3db7d60bf17be67.file.cms.tpl.php on line 67 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/vhosts/yourlogogoeshere.ca/tckl/cache/smarty/compile/dee8cb5cf1a740316c015d6fe3db7d60bf17be67.file.cms.tpl.php on line 67 What am I doing wrong? Or can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. I have a store currently in Prestashop and I badly need to migrate over to 1.5 for 1 reason: multiple warehouses. We need to be able to keep track of stock at a warehouse in the US and one in Canada. My question is, how can i import the products into the new 1.5 install. Or, more specifically, which tables do I need to copy over from 1.4? The data that we are currently inputting for each product is: Name: Reference: Supplier: Pre-tax retail price: Tax rule: Category: Friendly URL: Short description: Long Description: Tags: Images: Specific Prices: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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