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  1. I have re-installed a couple of times and still getting a blank page, and no errors being reported.
  2. My install is on a Windows server - not Apache. So the generator won't work.
  3. I have been in touch. They can see the blank page and NO errors being reported. I asked them to look through their tickets to see if there was anything similar - and there wasn't - but others have installed PrestaShop. I have decided to re-upload the install and go through again (deleting the DB and recreating it). That might sort the problem.
  4. I have had a look at what server logs I can gain access to - but cannot see any errors. Not sure that I will get any further than this.
  5. I am testing on shared hosting (.Net Intermediate) with The Small Business Authority - formerly Newertech, formerly Crystaltech (see: http://webservices.thesba.com/dotnet.aspx) and the permissions must be OK (as no errors came up at install - part from the PHP magic quotes which can only be enabled on dedicated hosting). I have checked the SEO and URL info, and it is correct to the best of my knowledge.
  6. As I said in the original post - display errors IS set to 'on' and still nothing comes up.
  7. I have just installed Prestashop. I can access the backend fine. But the front end just comes up blank. I have changed the config file as suggested to show error, but still nothing shows. Please help before I lose all faith in this product.
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