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  1. hi there Benjamin good day to you & apologies for the delay. i've tried set inactive to 1 of my 6 existing carrier, however my late added "My Carrier (US)" still does not exist in my front office. how else can i troubleshoot? i noticed i hv many potential customer from the US, hence appreciate you could help me get up my carrier to US. rgds jassy
  2. hi benjamin thx for your immediate reply. yes, all my products have been given with weights. actually my 6other shipping carriers are fine, only my late the 7th carrier for shipping options to US has problems. any other advise where to troubleshoot. or does the prestashop system only allows up to 6 carrier options? rgds jassy
  3. dear ALL i already have had 6 shipping carriers, however, i needed to include 1 more with the following details: name of carrier: My Carrier (U.S.) zone: North america, south america & central region weight range: 0-3kg,3-5kg,5-10kg, 10-15kg fees for each range included as well. after adding & saved all details, this carrier was not found in the front office. any advise how to troubleshoot this. appreciate early reply. rgds jassy
  4. dear All, what's this column for? dont quite understand its purpose... & how can i remove this? rgds jassy CATALOG Availabilityv In stock (4) Conditionv New (4) Price (RM )v Range: 15 - 30
  5. dear All could you pls advise me how can i mass mail all my newsletter's subscriber. i noticed many discussion on newsletters but they are most in non-english. highly appreciate some help here. rgds jassy
  6. can anyone pls assist in this matter? highly appreciate that... rgds jassy
  7. dear ALL im curious, is it only me facing this weird layout problem? i hv looked thru other forums, no one has reported this can anyone help to assist... rgds jassy
  8. dear sir thx for your advise, i managed to find this module & changed the default settings. thus, this topic has been solved. to All whom has the same problem, the module is at >Front Office>Featured Product at the Homepage. rgds jassy
  9. dear all could anyone assist in this matter... highly appreciate... rgds jassy
  10. dear ALL why is my featured products not showing in the homepage after it has hit more than 10 nos.? is there a limitation to display as featured products? rgds jassy
  11. dear ALL why is my featured products not showing in the homepage after it has hit more than 10 nos.? is there a limitation to display as featured products? rgds jassy
  12. dear mr robin i understand there are modules available on this product videos but they are very pricy. so i just wonder anyone could hv written anything & could share to everyone. rgds jassy
  13. dear mr mike i hv taken your advise. tq but i think this topic is not resolved so i wont tag [solved] to this. rgds jassy
  14. dear ALL i need advise on how i could add in a video clips to present my products in the product category. what is available now is just image & text. no doubt, i feel that video clips or moving slideshows are more attractive to market our products. or may be if i had use youtube to upload, i could actually copy the embeded html & paste to the product catergory. could you advise where (as in which files in our system) can i paste the embeded html, so that i present a loud & clear video thumbnail for each of my product category? appreciate some advise. im sure this would help many others. rgds jassy
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