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  1. Thank you Nemo1, i partially solved my problem deleting the dir in /themes/mytheme/modules/socialsharing Now the module work correctly but i dont see the social network icon. Any idea?
  2. Hello, I am writing to report that the module "social sharing" has some problems. When I click on one of the four keys to share the product on one of the social network nothing happens. PS version Module version 1.3.0 by PrestaShop I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and reset the module, but nothing has changed. can someone help me? Thank you.
  3. Hello exadra37, thank you for your support to this module. It's possible show the fees in the payment page and a summary in the validation page, something like: Payment page: Pay with cash on delivery (COD) For this order the fees are XXX Validation page: The total amount of your order is - Total product XXX - Fees for COD XXX - Total YYY Sorry for my english I dont know how add this request on gifthub, sorry.
  4. Hello, like the topic title i want to add different color to the text for different product status, something like: AVAIABLE NOT AVAIABLE AVAIABLE FOR ORDER I dont want add new product status, only change the colors PS ver. Please help me....thank you!
  5. Hello musicmaster! Thank you for this excellent script. I wanted to ask you if in the future it will be possible to add a discount as a percentage instead of as "value".
  6. Hello, please help me to update this (modded) code from prestashop 1.4 (shopping-cart-product-line.tpl) to {if $product.active AND $product.quantity <= $product.stock_quantity AND $product.available_for_order AND !$PS_CATALOG_MODE} <img src="{$img_dir}admin/enabled.gif" alt="{l s='Available'}" width="14" height="14" /> {else} <img src="{$img_dir}icon/unavailable.gif" alt="{l s='Out of stock'}" width="14" height="14" /> {/if} for prestashop, i think the code to edit is in the line #35 of shopping-cart-product-line.tpl but i'm not sure. Please help me and sorry for my english
  7. Ciao a tutti, ho trovato sul forum inglese un modulo molto interessante, solo che non mi funziona la jquery (credo) in pratica i tab sono tutti visibili invece dovrebbe essere visibile solo quello cliccato. Il modulo si trova qui: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/251589-how-to-modify-best-seller-products-by-category-on-the-homepage-v10/ Qualcuno riesce a suggerire qualche modifica? Grazie
  8. The solution from velocity work in my case! (PS
  9. Hello!!! sorry for my english, i have a problem with the product description, in my shop i have 1500 products and i use only long description, i have chande the code from: $item_data .= $this->_xmlElement('description','<![CDATA['.$product['description_short'].']]>'); to: $item_data .= $this->_xmlElement('description','<![CDATA['.$product['description'].']]>'); With the original code the product feed is complete (1500 products) but without description. With this mod i see the description in my product feed but the feed have only 840 products. i think is a problem of legth and i wont try to truncate the description, what is the code to do this? TY!!!
  10. Il file da modificare è quello del tema (che ha la precedenza se presente rispetto quelli di default). Dovresti trovarlo in /themes/tuotema/modules/blockcart dove "tuotema" è il nome del tema che utilizzi.
  11. Ciao, è una discussione di qualche tempo fà,e il carrello si aggiorna in tempo reale, nel tema che uso io quella funzionalità (non chiedermi il perchè) era disattivata (commentata).
  12. Ciao a tutti, chiedo gentilmente un aiutino da parte di qualche esperto, non riesco a trovare il modo di far funzionare correttamente il flusso RSS, nello specifico ho un problema con la data di pubblicazione. Questo è l'errore del "W3C Validator" ho qualche dubbio che non dipenda dal codice PHP ma dal server che mi ospita è possibile??? Grazie!
  13. Hi!!! I'm thinking of activating the loyalty points, I was wondering if you can turn on some products or in a special category the possibility of doubling the points for the customer. Thank you. PS Sorry for my english
  14. Hi Dh42, thank you for your tutorial. I tried to apply your guide but I have a problem, can you help me? I always have trouble the picture to appear right on FB of a product or the logo of my site and I do not understand why. I work on PS I followed your guide and: - I have successfully added the lines of code to the file "header.tpl". - In override/classes i have a file named "_FrontController.php" renaming it in "FrontController.php" my website work correctly. if i add your code in this file i get a blank page but products works correctly in facebook. if i use the "FrontController.php" attached in your tutorial i get blank page and products dont works on facebook. Sorry for my english
  15. GRAZIE Ora funziona correttamente! TY Now it work! Please write your modification for future update!
  16. Il pagamento è trattenuto per 30 giorni (periodo di chargeback) poi puoi prelevarlo come ti pare . Io lo uso da agosto scorso e non ho niente da lamentare, mai un problema e servizio clienti che risponde intorno alle 12 ore di media.
  17. TY but my problem is not solved....when i click on "configure" on the module i get a blank page....i think is a language problem... how i enable a debug mode?
  18. sorry but I do not think it's my case. I have 1028 products in the catalog and 40 are disabled. I just did a test, I created a new product, updated feed and this new product is not in the list...
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