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  1. Hello everyone, I can not change the information that FB collects from my product, specifically page misses the "capture" of the product description by inserting in its place the message of the collection points.

    Does anyone know a way to force FB OG to gather the correct information or how to bypass the collection of more text on the page to let it point to the description?

  2. Hello,

    On my store, in payment options, there is a discount on bank transfer. I want to include in the product page a message that says: "If you pay with bank transfer the price is (price-10%)"

    the price must be indicative only of what it will cost at the end of checkout.
    Unfortunately, with my low knowledge in php can not find a solution, can someone tell me how to do it?


    Thank you.


  3. hello - sure


    login: [email protected]

    pass: demo1234


    after login please go to "orders > orders" section

    and from multistore shops list select "Addons store" - module is enabled only in this shop (reference image: http://i.imgur.com/GPoBJyf.png )



    Hello Vekia, thank you for the demo.

    I have some questions for you.


    It's possible add the tracking number section in the preview of the order?

    It's possible add in the module the possibility of change the order status directly in the preview or in the order list page?


    Then I would have a change to ask. !important :D

    In my shop some items are in "pre-order" and others are "immediately available", many customers placing orders with both types of products.

    I would need a "checkbox" controlled by me, next to the list of products of an order. That way I can quickly see what I have already set aside for the customer and what has yet to arrive.

    it is possible a change of this kind?

    Thank you.

  4. Hello,

    i want to change the status color for the orderable product in product list.

    At this time i have Available and Orderable products in green and out of stock producs in red.


    I think that i need to change something here (product-list.tpl)  but i dont know what.... i see too many "if" for me  :huh:

    <div class="availability">
    	{if ($product.allow_oosp || $product.quantity > 0)}
    		<span class="{if $product.quantity <= 0 && !$product.allow_oosp}out-of-stock{else}available-now{/if}">
    			{if $product.quantity <= 0}{if $product.allow_oosp}{if isset($product.available_later) && $product.available_later}{l s='Ordinabile'}{else}{l s='In Stock'}{/if}{else}{l s='Non disponibile'}{/if}{else}{if isset($product.available_now) && $product.available_now}{$product.available_now}{else}{l s='In Stock'}{/if}{/if}
    	{elseif (isset($product.quantity_all_versions) && $product.quantity_all_versions > 0)}
    		<span class="available-dif">
    			{l s='Product available with different options'}
    		<span class="out-of-stock">{l s='Non disponibile'}

    Thank you for helping

  5. But by removing the module and simply inserting the code in the footer, you won't have the advanced e-commerce tracking.


    Do you maybe have some CCC options enabled? They can mess up the JS. If yes disable them and give the module one more chance.


    I have removed the code from footer.tpl and i have enabled the module....and now it work!!!

    I dont now why....the only CCC option enabled in my store are:

    - Move JS to the end.

    - Enable Apache optimization.

  6. I also see the code.


    Have you tried to install the Tag Assistant for Google Chrome?



    It helps troubleshoot the problems with Analytics and other google codes.


    I receive a generic error about google analytics, no HTTP response from the server.




    Disable module.

    Insert Google Analytics code in footer.tpl before tag </body> in your theme.

    like this:


    {literal} your code here {/literal}


    This solution work perfectly, but i wont undestand why the native module dont work :)

  7. Hello,

    for show short description in the product list page in product-list.tpl i have changed:

    <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description">......</p>


    <div class="product-desc" itemprop="description">....</div>

    If i open the product list page i see the short description.

    if i switch the view in grid or list i see the short description, but if i re-switch the product list page in list or grid i dont see the short description...and if i investigate with firebug the code i see is:

    <p class="product-desc" itemprop="description">......</p>

    I think i have another file to change from "p class" to "div" but i dont find it....anyone help me?


    Ok I have discovered that problem is in getSpecificPrice function in classes/specificprice.php 


    You have to replace SQL select. So:


    Not working select:

                $query = '
    SELECT *, '.SpecificPrice::_getScoreQuery($id_product, $id_shop, $id_currency, $id_country, $id_group, $id_customer).'
    FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'specific_price`
                    `id_shop` '.self::formatIntInQuery(0, $id_shop).' AND
                    `id_currency` '.self::formatIntInQuery(0, $id_currency).' AND
                    `id_country` '.self::formatIntInQuery(0, $id_country).' AND
                    `id_group` '.self::formatIntInQuery(0, $id_group).' '.$query_extra.'
    AND IF(`from_quantity` > 1, `from_quantity`, 0) <= ';

    working select:

               $now = date('Y-m-d H:i:00');
                $query = '
    SELECT *, '.SpecificPrice::_getScoreQuery($id_product, $id_shop, $id_currency, $id_country, $id_group, $id_customer).'
    FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'specific_price` USE INDEX (id_product_2)
    WHERE `id_product` IN (0, '.(int)$id_product.')
    AND `id_product_attribute` IN (0, '.(int)$id_product_attribute.')
    AND `id_shop` IN (0, '.(int)$id_shop.')
    AND `id_currency` IN (0, '.(int)$id_currency.')
    AND `id_country` IN (0, '.(int)$id_country.')
    AND `id_group` IN (0, '.(int)$id_group.')
    AND `id_customer` IN (0, '.(int)$id_customer.')
    (`from` = \'0000-00-00 00:00:00\' OR \''.$now.'\' >= `from`)
    (`to` = \'0000-00-00 00:00:00\' OR \''.$now.'\' <= `to`)
    AND id_cart IN (0, '.(int)$id_cart.')
    AND IF(`from_quantity` > 1, `from_quantity`, 0) <= ';



    Thank you!!!!! this is the solution for my problem!


    I get the problem after upgrade my shop from to

  9. Hello,

    I was trying a new theme locally and during regeneration of the miniatures I received an error:
    Original image is missing or empty (/httpdocs/img/p/8/0/7/4/8074.jpg) for product ID 0

    Of course I do not have a product with ID 0 (I checked :))
    If I browse the server, this folder does not exist (/ httpdocs / img / p / 8/0/7/4 /)
    I checked the product in the "/ httpdocs / img / p / 8/0/7/5 /" and his ID is 2752 while that in the "/ httpdocs / img / p / 8/0/7/3 / "he has ID 2751

    Prestashop tries to regenerate images for a product that does not exist, how can I correct this error?

  10. Ok, i have found the solution...change this line:

    $products = Product::getProducts((int)$context->language->id, 0, ($number > 10 ? 10 : $number), $orderBy, $orderWay, $id_category, true);

    with this

    $products = Product::getNewProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 0, ($number > 10 ? 10 : $number), false, $orderBy, $orderWay);

    in modules/feeder/rss.php

    With the latest update I have seen that my rss feed no longer contains the new added products but only those marked as "featured".
    The various changes found on the forum does not seem to work, can someone kindly suggest changes to be made to the file rss.php to show the latest products added?
    Thank you.


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