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  1. So far I've had to restore backups for the following: image slider for homepage top horizontal menu blocksearch There might be more but I'm hoping that's it.
  2. I just visited my admin and saw a load of updates available for all sorts of modules. Obviously I thought they wouldn't be recommending updates that didn't work with my version, how wrong I was. I'm now going through errors fixing them one by one, what a pain in the ass. It's truly unbelievable that a professional shopping cart provider would do something like this, it's broken my live shop and put me out of business until I get it fixed, thanks prestashop. I'm really going to have to look at a different solution, this sort of thing is so easy to avoid but they obviously just don't care about their users.
  3. Thanks Vekia Nice little tutorial, just wondering where the bg image is stored to change the button colour. Thanks Nigel
  4. Well after a few hours work I managed to figure this out and here's what I did, just to help others with the same problem. In my multishop configuration I have several different shops set up, my main shop has three domains with the default domain www.bridalgems.co.uk to fix the problem I set the default domain to bridalgems.co.uk without the www. and saved it, then I changed it back to the www. version. This seems to have fixed the problem and I can add products to the shopping cart again. Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.
  5. Still not working, I've tried deleting the htaccess file and regenerating it from scratch, I also tried switching templates to one of the websites that is working but still no joy. I'm at a lose with this, it's a pretty usless shopping cart that won't work on all browsers :-(
  6. Many thanks for testing in ff, suspected it might be ok but couldn't check. I don't see any javascript errors in IE I'm currently looking at my htaccess file to see if there's anything there that might be causing problems, I've alot of old redirects from oscommerce days and I'm wondering if they are causing problems, I'm about to delete the htaccess and test that to see what happens.
  7. Hi I recently upgraded my multistore setup from 1.5.4 to now when I try to add items to the shopping cart it adds only one item and when I click on the cart it shows as empty I've tried with both java cart enabled and disabled and the result is still an empty cart. This is only happening on my default shop the other shops are working fine, it's also only a problem with internet explorer, chrome seems to work ok, I haven't got firefox installed on this machine so not sure if it works on it or not. The domain is www.bridalgems.co.uk I'd really appreciate any help, I think it was working ok before the upgrade, but can't be 100% sure. Thanks for any input.
  8. A quick and handy way to delete the an order in the back office: Click on view order for the order you want to delete. In your address bar you should have an address something like this http://yourwebsite.co.uk/admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders&id_order=1&vieworder&token=7398712d42e39f09e7a037254b254560 Now just replace the part vieworder with deleteorder go to that address and the order will be gone. You should be careful using this as it may have undesirable effects on the order numbering system, but I've used it for the test order loads of times without problems.
  9. It's pretty unbelievable if this feature is missing. It's probably one of the most basic things a shop owner needs.
  10. Hi Benjamin Many thanks for your help trying to fix this problem. I've also tried the updated tools.php but it still won't work. The following is the error I get when i try, where website.com is replaced by the actual site the images come from. I've checked the address in a browser and the image shows fine. Error copying image: http://website.com/media/catalog/product/f/i/file_1234_34.jpg My site uses php version 5.2.17 just wondering if that would have anything to do with it, maybe it's an error relating to php 3.0 which might explain why it seems to work for some and not others? I'm on a fresh install on 1.5.5
  11. Thought that would be the case, just spent days setting up a shop for nothing then I guess.
  12. Hi Benjamin I can't get images to import with the csv, i've tried everything I can think of and could find in the forums but it just doesn't work. I have another shop on on the same server and the images import fine on it. My images are located on another server and I need to use the full url to the image in the csv, but everything I've tried has failed so far. Thanks
  13. Hi Just wondering whats the easiest way to downgrade to from 1.5.5, I installed a fresh 1.5.5 on a domain but I've discovered the csv import's not working so need to switch to which is working. I've already set up all the categories and configured everything so I'm not to keen to start everything over. Any ideas on how to downgrade without loosing everything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Image import with csv doesn't appear to work with 1.5.5, I've been trying to find a fix for this for days with no luck. I'd love to hear from someone who actually has imported products and images with csv in 1.5.5 just to see what they have done to get it working. There's loads of threads already posted but no one seems to know the answer to the problem and no one from prestashop has even acknowledged that there is a serious bug in 1.5.5 which renders it pretty useless for anyone importing a large catalogue.
  15. I'm having the same problem, with a fresh install of 1.5.5. It's working fine on the same server with a
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