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  1. Hi, anybody tested voucher (cart rule) with real payment ? I tested and after finished successful payment i get payment error (when using voucher(cart rule)) eg. i have product with price 5.01, then i create cart rule with discount amount 5. During the checkout process i use voucher created in cart rule. Everything looks good, price is reduced. But after payment i get payment error with warning, that payment amount is 0.01 instead of 5.01 So, there must be a bug, when final amount is compared with value from payment. This was tested on real payment. What is more, i tested discount created with catalog price rules(the same discount amount) and in this scenario, there wasn't any problem. I created issue on forge one week ago and there is assigned member ,but i don't see any progress, so i decided to ask here. This is critical issue for me. Has anyone experienced such a trouble ?
  2. ok, the easiest way is to add hidden input fields ,which will send fake data. but this will create some problem later. Because this fake data will be displayed on page order-address.tpl in line: <ul class="address item" id="address_delivery" {if $cart->isVirtualCart()}style="display:none;"{/if}></ul> To fix this i commented out this line and get user info from array $address (e.g. {$address.firstname} ) Now i have problem to find out where is stored email address. I have no idea why email address isn't stored in $address array.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to redesign checkout process. I found out that for some of fields it is enought to comment them out in order-opc-new.account.tpl , but i still have a problem with country, city and address. So, how can i disable required fields checking for these fields ? I also want to know how to force guest checkout(skip account creating). At this moment i'm doing autoclick $("#opc_guestCheckout").click(); and it works good, but maybe someone give me better way to do this. Regards, Tom
  4. ok, i did it in this way. -i added two columns at ps_stock_available table -then created mysql procedure to update qty according to information in these two columns -then added function which start procedure and is executed when order is completed
  5. Hi, I need a function (checkbox or select field), which changes the product price ,but don't affect to product quantity. What i'm trying to do? (i'm using version for example: ticket with option: normal and reduced(student). Reduced option should be of course lower price(eg 50%.) What i tried?: - i can add attribute eg. ticket_type and set values normal and reduced, but i have a bunch of other attributes such as time,day,month and adding another attribute doubles combinations number and creates stock qty problem. - i can also create a specific users group eg. user_students, but i don't think that it is a good solution. Because user_students won't be able to buy normal ticket if he wants to buy ticket for someone else. - The next thing i can do is catalog price rule assigned to product feature, but unfortunatelly product feature isn't selectable(changable)- it is persistent once assigned to product. - i can also create cart rule(voucher), which can be realized at checkout page, but what if someone wants to buy more tickets ? is it possible to multiplicate the same coupon ? So i think that the best approach would be attribute ticket_type which is not subtracting from stock qty(exculded from stock control). But at this moment, i don't now which file i need to modify to achieve that. The second possible solution are vouchers, but once again at this moment i don't know how to multiply one voucher by product chosen qty. Any advice? maybe different approach, or any available module ? Regards, Tom
  6. Hi, i'm also looking for dbase schema, especially at this moment i'm interested in ps_stock_available table relations. Regards, Tom
  7. czy ktoś ma dopasowany moduł przelewy24 do wersji 1.5.x ? Pozdrawiam
  8. Hi, i'm looking for the same thing . I'm testing version and you can select here virtual product at product page. After selecting virtual product there is still Delivery information, but you don't need to select delivery method. I guess you can edit this information on some template page in your theme directory, but i didn't check it yet. But there is huge disadvantage connected with virtual product, because at current version they disabled ability to have combinations!?
  9. Hi, i need such a functionality. For example i'm selling product called Mixture. Mixture has 3 options: potion1, potion2, potion3. If someone will buy potion1, qty must be reduced from potion1,potion2 and potion3, but when someone will buy potion2, qty must be reduced from potion2 and potion1. At last if someone will buy potion3, qty must be reduced from potion3 and potion1. Why is that ? because these three potions are dependant. So what i need is dependance between Combinations quantity. Is there any suitable module ? If not, will it be much effort to write such a module ? Regards, Tom
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