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  1. Si pongo 5% o 6% de descuento sale perfecto con 2 decimales es el 7.... alguien puede probar con algún artículo de su tienda Prestashop 1.6 y comprobarlo? Gracias, Juan
  2. Thanks Vekia for your answer, yes it´s
  3. Hello everybody I have the following mistake in discount % appears several zeros: -7.000000000000001% Prestashop 1.6 Anybody can help me? Example Url mistake..... http://www.fisiotema...os-62x188-.html Thanks in advance for your cooperation Juan
  4. Hola a todos, me estoy volviendo loco para solucionar este error que me ha salido en los productos, en el campo % de descuento me salen decimales del tipo: -7.000000000000001% ¿a alguien más le ocurre esto? Prestashop 1.6 Url de ejemplo del error..... http://www.fisiotema.com/tienda/serie-3700-estructura-standard-blanca/10-camilla-hidraulica-de-dos-cuerpos-62x188-.html Saludos, Juan
  5. This module was my big problem I didnt notice his collaterals efects until 8 days (not orders) ->>>, guest and visitors unlogged cant add articles SO YOU NEED UNINSTALL IT AND CLEAN config.inc.php AS IT WAS BEFORE. PRESTASHOP 1.5.6 Regards, Juan Justamante www.artecdifusion.com
  6. Do you have some module like: pss_wpinps ? it´s for read latest articles from your Wordpress Blog. This was my big problem, guest and visitors unlogged cant add articles .... to use this module you need to edit your config.inc.php with this code: // HACK - START // get WordPress installation directory and path is absolute properties $pss_wpinps_confs = Configuration::getMultiple(array('PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR', 'PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR_ABS')); if (array_key_exists('PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR', $pss_wpinps_confs) && strlen($pss_wpinps_confs['PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR'])>0) { // the main Wordpress file location $wpinps_filename = $pss_wpinps_confs['PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR_ABS']=='1'? $pss_wpinps_confs['PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR'].'wp-load.php': _PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/'.$pss_wpinps_confs['PRESTASCOPE_WPIPS_WP_DIR'].'wp-load.php'; // not in the admin section or there will be a redeclaration error // for a translate() function defined both in PS and WP if (file_exists($wpinps_filename) && !defined('PS_ADMIN_DIR') && !defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_')) { // load WordPress define('WP_USE_THEMES', false); require_once($wpinps_filename); } } // HACK - END ----------------------- And this is the reason of cart didnt work correctly. SO YOU NEED UNINSTALL IT AND CLEAN config.inc.php AS IT WAS BEFORE. Regards, Juan Justamante www.artecdifusion.com
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