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  1. Did anyone solved it? I had same problem with my prestashop. I changed database password , i updated it in parameters.php and then front office was working normal but backoffice wasnt working, returning 500 error , problems related to connection to database. Then i changed back to old password and all worked perfect. i am using PS
  2. Hello, Since i added many new product categoryes that dont fit at all with initial store profile and domain name i want to activate multishop and the second shop to have differit domain name. As i readed i can use same product in both shops. This will not create an issue with google's SEO policy? will not be duplicate content if both my shops with total differit domains will have sam eidentical product with same description, images, etc. ?
  3. Hi. Was this module abandoned? I was really interested in it but for prestashop 1.7.2 Will get an update for that version?
  4. Hello, Anyone know a module that allow me to display some more informations on each product in product lists? i attached an image that explain what i am looking for. By default, prestashop show only name of the product but i need to display on all product lists (categoryes, special offers page, ell page where products are displayed as list)
  5. Hi, Infinite scroll option shows me list page when i scroll down but i want see it grid. What i must write in that code lines to have it grid? Thanks
  6. i think i found a possible problem. Products that you cant save have any videos in description? I noticed that the only products i cant save are the ones with youtube videos in description page. I activated iframes in HTML fields from Shop Parameters - > General. Please try and let me know if this solution works to you also. Thank you.
  7. So turning off cache in Advanced Parameters solved the problem? I turned off cache on prestashop and i keep marnever recompile template files and i still cant save any changes to product.... COuldnt find a solution. It dont save no matter what browser i am using.
  8. I dont have that table on Prestashop Edit. I found it in ps_configuration. that table is ok.
  9. I had same problem with database upgrading. I solved it like this: download lastest version of prestashop 1.7.X.X Upload the archive to your adminfolder/autoupgrade/download delete regular 1 clickupgrade install this 1 click upgrade http://build.prestashop.com/news/updated-1-click-upgrade-module/ go in 1 click upgrade setting, set to not save files, disable non prestashop modules, switch to the new theme. save. instead of choose from major versions choose install from local archive, select save then select the archive and follow steps. Most probable it will pass the upgrading database and will get stuck again at disabling modules. The only way i found to pass over this was to delete all modules but is not a convenant situation for me. Anyone found another solution?
  10. Doar ce am revenit din concediu si am pus in aplicare solutia dvs. A rezolvat problema care dura de aproape 3 luni si care m-a obligat in cateva cazuri sa vand produsele la preturi fara TVA. Eu avand regula de taxare doar pentru Romania, in celelalte tari era afisat pretul de baza, fara TVA. Multumesc mult pentru ajutor Zaurus.
  11. Salutare, AM o problema pe care nu reusesc sa o rezolv de vreme buna. Facand browsing din Romania totul este normal dar daca imi setez o locatie din afara romaniei sau daca un utilizator acceseaza magazinul din afara RO ii afiseaza preturile fara TVA. Daca intetioneaza sa completeze o comanda, in cos si la pagina finala de confirmare preturile apar corect, cu TVA inclus. Are cineva o ideea ce ar putea fi in neregula? Versiunea PS este Multumesc aniticipat.
  12. i have a category and few subcategories. I set layered navigation for that main category and its subcategories and filters function well. If i choose in BO sorting of products by position inside category, filters will still function but position of products displayed in FO is messed. is not anymore like in BO. If i go to layered navigation and i remove the layered navigation from main category and i leave it active only for subcategoryes then all works perfect. Anyone else faced this problem?
  13. Buna ziua, Dupa upgrade ul la ultima versiune prestashop am observat ca in back office, atunci cand cineva finalizeaza o comanda nu imi mai apare numarul de telefon mobil ci doar cel fix. Clintul introduce numarul de telefon si daca accesez baza de date clienti si caut clientul acolo, are inregistrat numar de telefon mobil. Inainte de update imi aparea direct in cadrul comenzii curente plasate de client si numarul de telefon mobil. Am atasat un SS. Se pot personaliza campurile care sa imi apara in back office la datele clientului? Cum pot face sa imi apara din nou numarul de telefon acolo? Multumesc anticipat.
  14. asa arata divul de la products.tpl <div id="short_description_content" class="rte align_justify" itemprop="description">{$product->description_short}</div> cand il pun pe asta nu imi mai apare deloc short description. Daca doriti va pot trimite datele de acces pentru FTP si BO, asa cred ca e mai usor.
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