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  1. Hello! I have the same problem, however there are no id_default_group in the "Set required fields for this section."
  2. Hello! I have the same problem, getting "id_default_group is required." when a customer wants to register. However in the "Set required fields for this section" there is no id_default_group
  3. Hello! I had to delete and reinstall the latest 1.6.x prestashop again. However after the installations the descriptions (as shown in the capture) do not show in rich text anymore. Before I used to see them in the tinymce editor. I searched the Presta administration all over, but can't find any option to enable it. Please, help!
  4. yes, I figured it out myself today, while waiting for your answer. Thank you for your time!
  5. Hello! Please take a look at the contact form http://www.beinsa.info/prestashop/bg/contact-us In the drop-down field there are Customer service Webmaster I can't find and translate them anywhere. They are not in the translations. In the "contact-form.tpl" file I found However I am not knowledgeable in programming and databases. What is "{$contact.id_contact|intval}" I have no clue
  6. Hello! I read all topics on this board about background, watched the YouTube tutorials, tried everything described there - it did not work for me. I did edit global.css, here's what I added there: and it appeared... on the bottom (see http://www.beinsa.info/prestashop/) The other really weird thing is that the background wont appear without the "!important;" tag, which is not recognized as css, as far as I know. Any idea how to change the background? I want to get something similar to http://www.easygreen.com/
  7. Hi! I upgraded the store from 1.5 to 1.6 The old theme was not good anymore, I started modifying the new one. The shopping cart is crashing with Error 500, the customer login too. Can't figure out what the problem is, have been reading forums and playing with modules all day long. I tried disabling all payment modules one by one, with no result. Enabled error reporting, please take a look @ http://www.beinsa.info/testshop
  8. Hi Guys! I upgraded my store from 1.5 to 1.6. Everything seems cool, except the cart is not working anymore. When I try to order something it shows 500 Server ErrorThe error log shows: mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice: Undefined index: validate in *******/beinsa.info/testshop/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 1342, referer: http://www.beinsa.info/testshop/ Any idea?
  9. What information should I update?
  10. Hello! I am having troubles changing the header logo of any theme. No mater what I upload it always comes like this - I tried JPG, PNG, small and big... I wasted hours of trying to fix it with no result. When I upload logo.jpg manually in IMG it comes huge, like this It is weird that when I upload it into IMG directory and then upload it from the back editor it appears there however it does not show on the preview. If I upload another image as logo, through the back editor, then logo.jpg disappears from IMG directory I am not an expert in PS. Please, help. Here is my testing site http://www.mikroferma.com/testshop
  11. Hello! I have the same problem - can't change the logo in PS 1.6 no mather what template I use.
  12. Has it been fixed? I need to translate the menus in Bulgarian, but I cant - getting the same error. Any solution?
  13. Hello! I have it enabled, however any attempt to write a comments yelds error messages: title is invalid the comment is invalid product not found What is the problem?
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