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  1. Good Afternoon All, There seems to be many subjects relating to the following error with no sucsess. The error we are getting is: (timeout) A server error occurred while loading the tabs: some tabs could not be loaded. Please try again by refreshing the page. If you are still encountering this problem, please check your server logs or contact your hosting provider for assistance. The troubleshooting and fixes we have tried are as follows: 1. Moved site to a new host 2. Increased memory limits and timeouts on both the old host and new host. 3. Removed folders cache and compile from Smarty. 4. We have also looked into the code and there seems to be no visable issue If anyone has any luck fixing this issue it would be great to hear. Thanks. Chris.
  2. Thank you for the reply. It would suggest that we could add another column in the table which has an 'alternative' name? This would then allow PS to look up against its name but instead of displaying it would display the name the user has chosen? Thanks,.
  3. Good Afternoon, We have this field but it has no effect and still Prestashop creates its own unique name for the address. Thanks.
  4. Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope you are well? We have Prestashop installed etc but we have noticed when a user registers with our shop the address has a unique identifier created by Prestashop such as 'My Address 14', This seems to creating some confusion with our customers. Please can you advise whether there is a way this can be removed and the user can choose their address name such as 'Home' or 'Office'? Thanks. Chris.
  5. Good Afternoon, I wonder if someone has a solution for this... We are looking to offer our customers free 'standard' delivery on all UK orders. Where the customer spends over X value they can opt for free next day delivery. If the customer spends less then X value they will still qualify for free 'standard' delivery but they will need to pay a small fee if they opt for a 'next day' service. I am struggling to set this within Prestashop, it seems to allow standard values but how can I get the above options programmed within the system? Thanks. Chris.
  6. Thank you very much for your assistance Vekia.
  7. Good Afternoon, Please can anyone advise how I can change the tab name within the product page. The tab is currently titled 'data sheet' and the information which is displayed is pulled from the 'Product Features'. Ideally we would like to change the name 'data sheet' to 'product specs'. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Chris. '
  8. Good Morning Folks, We are looking to automate a process which we hope will stop any errors during the order picking and packing process. What we are looking to achieve is the following: Customer Places Order > Picking list sent to printer with unique barcode > Order is picked > Unique barcode is scanned at packing station > Shipping label for order automatically prints If anyone is able to advise on how this process could be achieved that would be much appreciated. Thanks. Chris.
  9. Good Afternoon, I have managed to get most of Presta setup without any great issues, the only part which has got me stuck is when setting up rules for shipping. I wanted Presta to allow customers to buy from my store and when spending under £25 they will be charged £3.30 shipping, if over £25 they will get free standard delivery which works. The next part is where it is not working I would Presta to allow a "shipping upgrade" which allows customer to pay an additional £6.00 to receive the goods by next day courier. This option should also be available if the customer spends over £25 where they will qualify for free standard delivery. Your guidance would be great. Thanks. Chris (YorkChap).
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