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  1. Hello Everyone, I tried to google and search for solution for this. My marketing promotes that Product is sold for amount 12990 but every other costs 9990 . How do I set this in my prestashop ? I don't want to use percentages as my competition is also doing this kind of promotion and it might seem too awkward - I don't want to loose my customers. Thank you !
  2. Vyriesil som to cez php.. okomentoval som Mail::SEND
  3. Dobry den, Ako vypnem posielanie predfakturom zakaznikom? My tie predfaktury robime rucne v inom systeme a nechcem aby chodili nejake "akoze faktury" z prestashopu.. Ako to docielim? Poradte prosim.
  4. Hi, I got affiliate system which remembers the affiliate partner via $_GET parameter in URL, so I added the $_SESSION['a']=$_GET['a']; to footer.php - that should work. Now, some customers order via email - via contact form on website. I want to add the partner ID (this SESSION) to Message OR subject of that mail. How do I do it? I tried to dig around the contact-form.php and mail.php in classes but I am not any smarter than I was.
  5. Hi, We're doing the shop with furniture based on prestashop. I've hit the problem when one type of furniture has more colour variations and we need customer to choose another colour just by some "text" because we don't have pictures of all colour variations but let's say one or two. Is there some chance to implement this idea to prestashop ?
  6. Zdravim, Riesim obchod s nabytkom a mame problem s tym, ze jeden nabytok ma viacero druhov / farieb/ vyhotoveni v roznom type dreva. Cena je u kazdeho vyhotovenia rovnaka, ale neviem ako spravit nejake zaskrtavatko ktore by cloveka prinutilo zvolit si vyhotovenie v prestashope pri produkte. Nahradne riesenie moze byt, ze pri vyberani produktu moze uzivatel pripisat do komentara (nejaky textbox pri produkte) o aky typ vyrobku ma zaujem. Viete pomoct?
  7. You must be kidding me, noone knows how to do this???
  8. Hi, If you don't know what ceiling is, it is rounding up of numbers to the next whole number/digit. Let's say, there is final price 193.33 and 193.66 = both will show in the system as 194 I need this to be compliant with printed catalogues. We're entering the prices into system as usual - the base price, 19% is a tax, but the system prestashop has the switch for decimals (yes/no) only, which rounds numbers, it isn't ceiling them. How do I do this trick?
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