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  1. Pascal, Actually, You did give me a quick fix, I disabled the other languages.. and I am hoping I will never see it again.. Thank you again.. Catherine
  2. Pascal, I knew it was a default somewhere.. but I couldnt find it.. so Wow, Thank you so much.. Yes, it is absolutely possible it is happening in other languages, and exactly the reason I could not duplicate it on my own cart on the site.. Sounds like there is not easy way to fix it, but at least I know what it is.. I cannot thank you enough.. Catherine :-)
  3. So, I used the copy command to create my multiple products, and I am not sure why, but it is creating a problem in my cart summary. The Product name is coming in with the same name for the product, but the image comes in correctly and if I hover over the product name, the correct product number comes up, but somehow the Product name still comes over as the one I think I copied from. Example: I have 12 products - the first one I entered had the name: Protection U-Neck Tshirt - Hamsa Design The product image will come in correctly, but every uneck tshirt I have comes in with this product name, even if it is not the actual product name.. I tried to delete the original product and put it back in, it made no difference.. the same thing is happening with another type of shirt all come in with the correct product picture, the correct link, but the incorrect product name. Any thoughts of how I can correct it, I dont feel like I can advertise the shop with the cart works like this.. I have traffic but not an order yet.. I would love to promote my site.. but it just isnt working like I would expect it to.. i am on - I cannot upgrade anymore because the template I have is not compatible with the higher levels.
  4. Ok.. Clearly this did not work.. i have lost my modules page again.. I now get the fatal error when I click on the modules tab It might help to know that I did two upgrades on my shop... from to this was successful.. but I tried to upgrade again.. to 1.5.3, and my theme was not compatible.. I had to back out of the upgrade.. I am wondering if this is the problem.. and I am still unsure what to do.. I have tried to contact Prestashop directly. I have had no reply.
  5. I have reloaded the themeinstallator module manually via ftp. However, there is no backwardscompatability folder within the module.. Any thoughts?
  6. from another post I found I could find the error in the source code.. so I found the information: Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/webroot/s/p/spiri037/spiritually-savvy.com/www/yogaclothes/modules/themeinstallator/backward_compatibility/backward.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php53/pear') in /webroot/s/p/spiri037/spiritually-savvy.com/www/yogaclothes/modules/themeinstallator/themeinstallator.php on line 94
  7. I had a problem with a module that I stupidly deleted.. with the intention of reinstalling. I deleted the module and I lost the module page.. I then uploaded the module to the site via ftp and I got the module page back, However, I am unable to install the module (I click the install button, the page goes blank), and I have no positions page loading when I click it. I have errors turned on, and I have increased the memory for the php, according to previous suggestions in the forums (Thank God for this Forum!!!), The only error message I have received is when I go to click on positions, every once in a while I get the message: Technical error [object object] gives me very little to track.. does anyone have a clue.. I really need to make an edit on the positions page..
  8. Did you ever resolve this, I am having the same problem with a module that I cannot install and it is now made the positions page blank.. I would love to know what if anything resolved this problem.. thanks
  9. I am on prestashop 1.4.9, Stats have not worked since I opened the shop. I figured I did not set something up correctly. So I started to work on it since my store is ready to open and market, but I truly wanted stats to work. I installed today the Jirafe Analytics module, and it is absolutely able to track stats. In real time, Prestashop stats still shows nothing. I would love some real time stats from prestashop and am at a loss as to what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Ok.. so I found I had not specified SSL.. I did this.. pointed it to the secure server.. it is now not recognizing anything in the cart.. the website goes from http:// to https:// and there is nothing in the shopping cart.. I use back arrow to go backwards.. and it goes back to http:// and the cart show items.. I am confused and trying so hard to get my shop going..
  11. Hey there. I am on prestashop I am trying to get paypal going. I had the module and had input the api information. I could click the button and nothing happened.. searched the forums.. put the api information in manually to ensure no spaces or extra characters.. still not working. Updated the module to 3.4 - loaded the backwards compatability module.. still not working.. In firefox, when I hover on the button, I get a javascript void (0). In IE nothing happens.. In chrome it gets an unknown page.. and it is trying to go to: http://%20/yogaclothes/modules/paypal/express_checkout/submit.php it is somehow dropping the website part of the url.. and I am not sure why or how this would be happening... Is there some magic place to input the url so that it can find the submit.php to send the transaction? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. I purchased a template which I love. It works great in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but it does not display correctly in Internet Explorer. The header does not translate correctly. I am not sure what I can do or what would be causing it. Any suggestions? Catherine
  13. Brandon, Did you ever resolve this? I am looking to do the same thing.. so wondering if there is a resolution out there.. Thanks, Catherine
  14. So sorry, Never saw your question, I had to back it all out and reinstall it all.. things were not pointing correctly.. I had to reinstall in a new directory. And start over. Internal file pointers were looking at a directory that no longer existed..
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