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  1. I am having the same proble. Did you find the solution? Thanks
  2. Hi First of all I tried to find a solution for this problem including renaming the zip to jpeg and also contacted my service provider and some topics in this forum. Seems there's no solution. So, I try to upload several images in one zip file. The size of this file is lower than 2 MB. Unfortunately I am receiving the same message over and over again: file not recognized. I am using prestashop I will appreciate any help because my web hosting told me that they tried to fix some parameters but this could be a bug for prestashop software it self. Thanks Vítor
  3. The same problem with me. I can give free shipping if the costumer choose paypal or bank transfer. But if they choose COD, I should charge an extra price. The problem is that they choose the free shipping and the COD. I need to assign COD with a fixed amount. Thanks
  4. Forget it Mike. Did it. Clicking in guest and filling information I have to save the data first. Thanks
  5. Hi Mike, again. I dont have the demos page and I have the same problem. Costumers cannot see payment methods without sign. Any advise? Thanks http://www.covermania.pt
  6. For now, all went fine to me. First of all I uninstall the upgrade module from prestashop. Then I went to modules and I upgraded to the last module. I put my store off line and I clicked to upgrade, I dont know the major differences for this upgrade but my template goes faster than ever (I am using an older one) http://www.covermania.pt
  7. Brand new, I downloaded this weekend from prestashop free themes... Course I downloaded also some modules, like the slide transition ....
  8. Mike, I dont know if this helps you but please find attached my image configuration. Maybe I am not using the good configuration. Thanks
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