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  1. Many thanks LEO, I do not have custom.css, but have put it to product.css line 636 and it worked like a charm.
  2. random product from website, thx https://slovakbikeparks.sk/eshop/home/281-magura-mt5-fabio-wibmer-signature-edition-kotucove-brzdy-set-4055184028933.html
  3. Hello, did you solve this issue? my button is also big as f*uck
  4. problem solved, had to put this to the code in editor, <div class="footer-block col-xs-12 col-sm-3" id="block_buyer_help_footer"> ....content ... </div> this video helped me
  5. hello, how to align this column (made by htmlbox) thanks
  6. For stop receiving spam, only this solution worked for me https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/610149-chinese-spam-problem/
  7. I have disabled and then enabled module and its working! On other hand,, I am still receiving CHINESE SPAM, so they are bypassing this tool somehow. Receving mail every second. only maintainance mode stops it, but thats not a solution. Anybody with ideas?
  8. PS 1.6.10. module installed, force compile + clear cashe When I send message, I receive this error. However I actually receive that message in BACKOFFICE, but here it looks like it was not sent. How to fix it? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, thanks for module. I have installed it and it worked like a charm in footer. But I was making some changes to theme, so i unhook it, than hook it back, but it never showed up. I did fresh install of module, clear cache but its not on front page, although its visible in BO, in LiveEdit, Hooked in footer. Anybody solved this? SOLVED: I had to active also basic facebook like box block and it showed up. Also would be happy if somebody can solve issue mentioned by steff313, because module is showing only on HomePage thanks
  10. Paulito you are great! That was exactly i was looking for, will give it try!
  11. Is there a way to show how many times was item bought (added to cart) on product page/front office?
  12. works on product page, doesn't on product-list page. Doesn't work with product combinations like sizing / color of product with different prices. e.g. I have product with sizes M for $30 L for $50 but I can set only one RRP. Anybody fixed this?
  13. Prosim o radu: pri dobierke (maofree 1.0) sa mi v BO nezobrazi policko na sledovanie zasielky (tracking number field) po nastaveni statusu EXPEDOVANE (shipped) verzia po uspesnom naistalovani stiffmodulecarrier_1.4.8.2 sa mi pri dobierke nezobrazuje policko, pri platbe bankovym prevodom (Bank wire 0.5) ano. Obaja maju rovnakeho dopravcu (v BO ma vyplnenu [email protected]) dakujem
  14. After I change order status to shipped, Tracking number field is missing! I have 3 exactly same order statuses (same settings-but one for each kind of payment) with status SHIPPED. Visibility: BANK WIRE - yes COD - no VOUCHER - no Yes, i set url with @ on carriers tab - all 3 are using same carrier
  15. Well its important for me to see deducting ITEM (which is usually VOUCHER) on invoice. nothing to do shipping and handling. I dont want to change price directly, but with voucher. If customer did use voucher, its OK on invoice. But sometimes they forgot to use it, so i need to deduct price. I dont want to change price directly, but with voucher. hope you understand thanks
  16. I tried to install version for 1.4. After upload doesnt show in BO...any help?
  17. Thanks Man!!! Works in !!!! Also all diacritics work in MS office with character set
  18. It works in ,, ...it should work in your version too. what's the issue?
  19. export_orders_nvn.zip works in!!! @Falgener Module is not correctly showing special characters like č,š,ž...can you please fix it?
  20. order number (which is now 1000) is completely different thing than invoice number (you can change it manually in BO/orders/invoices) - probably it will never be a same number
  21. run this query ALTER TABLE `ps_orders` AUTO_INCREMENT =1000 Your next ID order will be 1000
  22. Ak chcete mat ICO/DIC vo fakturach, nastavuje sa to v module EUROPSKE DPH (aspon myslim, ze sa to tak vola) a aj v polozke konkretnej krajiny zakliknut pozadovanie ICO. Je potrebna aj uprava prekladov. Radim vsak vyhladat tuto problematiku tu na fore, kde je to rozobrane detailnejsie (keywords ICO DIC)
  23. thanks for free module, it works, but unable to show special characters like č, ň, ...
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