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  1. I hope to change the themes of prestashop1.4.8 to that similar to 1.5. Are there any themes for back-end?
  2. How to enable accessing a module config from a tab?

    In fact, I still do not succeed in making a tab in the back-end that accessing a module. But I am beating it around: I use Quick Access to point to the URL of an module configuring. So.
  3. How to enable accessing a module config from a tab?

    I built a tag in admin HOME, called "Slide" and class name "AdminSlide". And I changed the getContent function within slideric module and it redirects to Slide Tag ---- but it is only when I click the Module tag and reach the slideric module and configuring it, it redirects to the slider Tag. In fact, what I really want is that when I click the Slide Tag, it redirects to the configuration of the slideric module.
  4. How to enable accessing a module config from a tab?

    WOW. Great! Thanks a lot, Mike. I think I will make some research and test now.
  5. As i installed prestashop 1.4.8 final version on my AMP, installed with dummy data, in the back-end, as I click the Module tab, my localhost always get disconnected. Then I upload prestashop 1.4.8 to my web hosting and did the same, the web hosting gave a warning of "memory_limit" low as I clicked the module tab...it did not collapse, of course. Why? Some bug there or what?
  6. When I install a module, usually, I can only config it by clicking the module tab and search for that specific module, and then "configure" it. Question is: is it possible that we can hook that configure part to becoming a tab in the back-end? For example, minic slider module. What if I want to just click a tab in the admin panel to access it?
  7. Thank you all, people. I am taking the advice and testing on justhost. It seems to be quite steady and fast. Now I will leave the choice-making to my client.
  8. add a sound when receiving new order

    I looked up the Notification.js, I believe it is quite easy to facilitate it with a sound. We need to re-write the Notification.js with jquery plugin. Here we choose jquery.jmp3.js (you may google it), modify the jmp3 a bit about the path of swf/flash player (you may put it right next to the js file), switch it to autoplay. In the Notification.js, we put add a line of soundTrigger() there: function getPush(refresh) { $.post("ajax.php",{"getNotifications" : "1"}, function(data) { if (data) { soundTrigger(); ...... Write a function according to jmp3's way and get the sound autoplayed. That's it.
  9. add a sound when receiving new order

    In prestashop version 1.5 which I checked, there is a notification option in the back-end: Administration Tag -> Preferences -> Notifications. You can put a tick to "Show notifications for new orders"... Then, you know what to do. Perhaps override that thing and put a jquery sound to it. Haha~
  10. I have a new prestashop ready in my localhost. Now I am looking for a web hosting which should support mail and basic requirements by running a prestashop normally. Anyone got a web hosting to recommend? Great Thanks!
  11. add a sound when receiving new order

    lol~ I am still new to module development on Prestashop but on my way. As I went through some tutorials on this official site, I came cross something about "hook". There might be a hook for you to listen to the event of the incoming updated order. If so, the process will be a lot easier. Otherwise, ajax to check the order updates. And I agree with you that a simple php authorized with database access will do. No module. hehe. Good luck, mate.
  12. add a sound when receiving new order

    You are right about the idea: 1) plant an ajax (.js link included) in the back-end 2) when logged in as an admin, the js runs. 3) js has a timer (set to N minute loop) to initialize a request to your php 4) the php scans the database for new orders 5) feedbacks to js 6) if "yes" for new orders, js triggers a jquery to play an .mp3 sound. Actually, one of my client suggested that he might be very interested in having this sound-warning stuff. Are you a developer yourself?