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  1. Hi, I have an issue that started a few weeks ago with no obvious cause (no updates or new modules installed). When a new customer registers (not a guest checkout) their surname is overwritten by the last part of their address - usually their county (we're in the UK). For example, If Mrs Jane Smith registered and she lives at 1 High Street, Wiltshire her account gets created as "Mrs Jane Wiltshire" The Smith disappears and Wiltshire doesn't appear in her address anymore. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Thank you in advance. Ben
  2. Hi, We have been having a problem with newly registered accounts (not guest checkouts) for the past few months despite not changing or updating anything. When a customer (for example John Smith) creates a new account. The account is correctly created, but their addresses (billing and shipping) are created as "John John" with no surname and "John John" gets printed on their invoices. Could anyone assist us in finding the cause of this issue? Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. Thanks for your reply. It does seem to be working fine again.
  4. Hi, I have been having this intermittent issue for over a year (once every few months) - however, yesterday it happened with every order on our site (10+ orders) I'm using PS and version 3.11.4 of the PayPal module in an iframe. The customer checks out and pays, but no order is created in BO and the items remain in their shopping cart. We therefore have no idea they've placed an order other than the PayPal confirmation email. I assume it's something to do with the response back from PayPal. I've ruled out a server issue as I'm running another shop on the same server with PS and the same PayPal module worked fine all day yesterday. I checked for file changes in the past 3 days and none of the PayPal module files have been changed/hacked. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Ben
  5. Hi, I am using the default 1.5.4 theme. I have fairly large subcategory descriptions, however I would like them not to be visible on the subcategory list page, otherwise the list of subcategories is massive. Is it possible with the list view to have only the subcategory name and the small image? Thanks, Ben
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have a question about Storemanager. I can only get the customer data exported as an Excel spreadsheet (not CSV) and even then it doesn't contain some data such as the customer's registration date and gender which PS version 1.5 needs. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply. I am not sure how to export the data as a CSV file. Is that possible in version 1.4? I also have Store Manager Pro, but can't seem to find a way to export/import customers/addresses/orders (I have used Storemanager for my categories and products) Can you recommend any good modules or a company that could do it for me? Thanks, Ben
  8. Hi, I have just installed a fresh copy of as I couldn't upgrade my 1.4 shop using 1-click Upgrade. What would be the easiest way to import my customers, their addresses and order history? Is it a case of just copying those tables accross from the old database into the new? Or does the PS database use a different format? Many thanks, Ben
  9. Thanks. I did install a module called Freelivery to customise the free delivery settings. I modified _PS_COUNTRY_DEFAULT_ to '_PS_COUNTRY_DEFAULT_' in overrride/classes/Cart.php and now it works fine. Thanks very much Ben
  10. Hi, I have recently installed Prestashop version and am in the process of configuring it. When I try and put through a test sale it is allowing me to add products to the cart, but when I click on the cart I get a "Fatal Error". I have enabled error reporting and the first warning that comes up is: Notice: Use of undefined constant _PS_COUNTRY_DEFAULT_ - assumed '_PS_COUNTRY_DEFAULT_' in /var/www/clients/client10/web33/web/override/classes/Cart.php on line 27 I have been in the back office and selected different default countries, but I keep getting the same error. Could anyone help me? Thanks, Ben
  11. I think the problem is being caused by a 302 redirect from Prestashop, which Worldpay doesn't allow. Does anyone know how to stop this 302 redirect?? Many Thanks, Ben
  12. I installed the Worldpay Module several months ago (after shelling out over £200 for what is basically just one file!), although it's working, there is a problem with the payment response. When customers checkout, the payment IS processed and the order DOES appear in Prestashop under "Payment Accepted", however, Worldpay is reporting every transaction as a "Payment Response Failure" - whilst I thought this would just be an annoyance that we could put up with, it turns out that once Worldpay's "Failure counter" hits 200, they stop sending out the payment responses - and thus no communication back to Prestashop. In all of the articles I have read, people mention using the same Worldpay password in your Prestashop Module config - however in my version of the module (1.1) the only back-office options are: Account ID, and Mode. I've even checked validation.php and found no reference to password. Am I barking up the wrong tree? I would really appreciate ANY advice on this matter. Thanks, Ben
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